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Securing facebook account from hacking.

Updated on April 10, 2014

With more than 1 billions users worldwide facebook is the biggest social network on planet. Billions of users uses facebook for different specific purpose, some likes playing game, some just for fun and most of them for communicating with friends and family, But how secure are they?
Along with it's increasing popularity also we must not forget about the various criminal activities that is ongoing inside this social network.

What makes you the victim??

There can be many reasons for your account to get misused from unauthorized people that you might not know.

Your partner can be another agent who is involved in hacking your account, just trying to find if you are dating another person(lol this is most often case :D).

If you had ever been succeeded in making enmity with any hacker, yor account can be the subject of revange.

Sometimes your carelessness can too cause problems.

How to secure Facebook account from hacking??

  • Keep your password strong: In most of cases while choosing passwords people usually choose easy passwords(abcdefgh, 1234567898, name of girlfriend/boyfriend , mobile numbers and so on ) and most common used passwords, now this makes your account extremely vunrable to hacking. so think of such passwords that is difficult to guess and avoid using dictionary words as your passwords. It is highly advised to use the combination of special characters(!@#$ and so on) and numbers in your password.
  • Change your passwords frequently: Just take some time to change your passwords more frequently, believe that will help you a lot and it won't take a minute
  • Manage Security questions: Activate the security questions for your account's safety. This security questions can be used to recover the account in case you forgot your password. But make sure the answer to your security question is not available at your profile and also it should be difficult to guess for other.In most cases security question is "What is the birth place of your mother?" and the answer is available while browsing the profile.(this is what i have personally realized).
  • Email linked with your account:

while you link your account with email you should make sure that the email address is not suspended.

I will give you an example.
Suppose you created a facebook account and linked with your yahoo email and also you have verified it. But if you do not check your email for months (usually 4 months for yahoo) then server automatically deactivates your email, but your account still have the same email address. Now in this case it is pretty easy for anyone to hack your account. Just create the new yahoo email address with the same name(yahoo allows coz it has been disabled from the server) and request new facebook password , the new password reset link will be sent to your new email address and that's it, your account is finally hacked. So make sure you frequently check your email too.

  • Clear browser history and saved passwords: Hackers can use the browser cookies from your computer's web browser to hack your account. Browser cookies can't show the password of your account but it can let hackers get access to your account.

Also sometime your browsers saves your passwords for personal use, but that can sometime be helpful for hackers to hack into your account.So it is better for you to clear all the browser cookies and saved passwords if necessary.

There are some information in your profile which you better keep it to yourself. Some information like your email linked with the account sometime can betray you. If someone successfully hacked into your email linked with your facebook account then be sure your account is hacked too.

  • Change your privacy setting: There are some information in your profile which you better keep it to yourself. Some information like your email linked with account sometime can betray you. If someone successfully hacked into your email linked with your account then be sure your facebook is hacked too.

Stay away from Phishing

Phishing is probably one of the most notorious and yet most successful technique to gain the private information like your account's user name and passwords that has been widely used to hack facebook account lately. Phishing simply is a technique in which the victim is convinced to log on with their account details on duplicate or fake site. In facebook hacking the hacker creates the fake website that exactly looks like the real official site and some how convince the victim to log on to it, but since the site is fake the username and passwords are saved into the hacker's database.

How to know if you are using fake website to login?

It is pretty easy for anyone to stay away from phishing only if you take some careful steps. Official facebook pages have "" in the address bar of web browser. but if you see something other than that. like "" or let me say other than the official site's address then you should be sure that you are not secure to log on to from that link.

Some useful tips.

Sometimes even your small mistake can cause you harm. Here are some tips you might want to follow to keep yourself secure in internet.

  • If you visit cyber for using internet, always remember to log out all of your accounts properly. This keeps your account safe from strangers who might intentionally want to exploit your account.
  • Never write down your passwords on notebook or anywhere, instead just make your password as simple to remember but hard for other to guess.

Have you ever been the victim of hacking ??

Have you ever been the victim of facebook hacking ??

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