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It Girl cheats and tricks : Social Girl Cheats

Updated on February 6, 2012

It Girl is a simulation game for girls on facebook developed by Crowdstar which has become very popular soon after its launch. It Girl is played by more than 8.41 active monthly users on facebook and the number is growing fast. It Girl is beautiful, trendy, stylish and attends all the hot parties. In It Girl you can customize your avatar’s look, shop for new clothes, all sorts of accessories and go to salon to update her looks. The ultimate aim of the game is to become the most popular and the Ultimate “It Girl”. You can challenge other girls for a showdown to decide for the ultimate It Girl when you are in a party or even walking around in the street. As you buy new clothing and fill your closet, your social status rises and when you receive compliments from people, your confidence will boost. Cliques in the It girl are your facebook friend who play It girl. The more cliques you have more is your popularity in the game.

To play It girl on facebook visit this link ad click on accept when asked for granting permission to the game. Now you are ready to play the game and now you can invite your facebook friends to increase your cliques.

At the beginning of the game when you first start playing It girl you will need to create your avatar, i.e. you need to choose your girl’s skin color, hair, eyes and eye shadow color. After selecting your avatar click on ‘Done’.

Cheats and tricks

-          For buying clothing and accessories in the game you need cash. You can earn cash in It Girl in many ways, like from bonuses in the game and the hourly salary you earn in the game. To earn this hourly salary you don’t need to do anything, just log into the game and you will be payed an hourly salary. This hourly salary increases as you level up in It girl.

-          The confidence and energy are the most important things in the game. You need energy to perform tasks in the game and you can boost your energy by the energy boosters like fancy coffee drinks and energy drinks. Confidence is also required in the It girl and every time when someone compliments you, your confidence rises. You can also buy confidence boosters like makeup and bronzer which can be used whenever required. Every time you level up, your confidence and energy is regained.

-          Cliques are your facebook friends who play It girl. Increase your cliques to win more showdowns.

-          To increase your hotness points you can wear many layers of clothes you want. This may make your avatar look over layered but it will still increase your hotness.

How to Chat in It Girl on facebook

The chat feature in the It girl is rather confusing. You might see some chat messages in it girl which appear randomly while in the game. These chat messages are random computer generated messages. So the bottom line is that as of now you cannot chat on It girl.

How to increase cliques in It girl

You can invite all your friends on facebook to play It girl and this will increase your cliques. Add other girls who play It girl to increase your cliques. You can join various groups and pages on facebook where girls add each other to their friend list to play social networking games.

Any It Girl Cheat I missed out, please post a comment and let others know. :)

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      jhenicz26 7 years ago level 90..but i still dont know the last place on it girl..after is still question mark will it be open? coz they said the last level is 90..and where did the house go?..coz when i started playing it girl..there is a car and a house..but i have a car now..but doesnt have a house..