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JCB Tradesman unbreakable Toughphone phone review

Updated on June 14, 2013

The JCB Tradesman Toughphone is the world's first ever floating mobile phone. The phone was launched on November 3 2010 by Peter Jones, the star of the popular Dragons Den TV show.

The JCB Tradesman remains fully functional after being submerged in water. The phone is a buoyant and updated version of the popular Toughphone.

The JCB phone is increadibly resillient, some might say it is even unbreakable. Tests were carried out during the making of the phone which found that it continues to operate after being dragged behind a JCB GT at 120mph, buried in two tonnes of rubble and then left under water for SIX hours.

Wterproof: The JCB Tradesman Toughphone is the world's first floting phone
Wterproof: The JCB Tradesman Toughphone is the world's first floting phone
Peter Jones: The inventor is part of the TV show Dragons' Den
Peter Jones: The inventor is part of the TV show Dragons' Den

Peter Jones, who sits on a panel of business owners who judge other people's business ideas, developed the phone with his company Data Select which worked with renowned digger makers JCB.

The phone is targeted at those who work outdoors, on building sites, around water, or just accident-prone people who often drop their phone. Those who work in the horse industry may also find the phone useful. Phones can often be broken when doing yard work or if they are dropped while out riding. The strength of the phone, hence its name 'Toughphone' allows the device to withstand many of the strong impacts that would see other phones destroyed.

A phone that floats in water is excellent for people who work at sea, on on the river, at the beach, or at a swimming pool. They are able to see the phone on the surface and fish it out with a net. Phones would normally sink as soon as they hit the water.

The JCB phone is also a perfect second phone for those with an active, outdoor lifestyle that don’t want to take their top of the range phone mountain biking.

The phone itself is a very no-frills communication device when compared to some of the cell phones currently on the market that have email, internet, applications and other features available on them.

Floating: JCB phones floating in water to prove they are waterproof
Floating: JCB phones floating in water to prove they are waterproof

The JCB phone comes in the recognisable JCB colours of orange and black. The same colours are used on JCB's range of heavy construction equipment. The JCB logo is also featured on the phone. This is pretty cool to show people as JCB are a large company that have gained a reputation as a manufacturer of high-quality construction equipment and clothing.

Consumers immediately liked the phone and the company received 4,000 advance orders just two days after it launched the Tradesman. The original Toughphone sold 50,000 units.

The original Toughphone was listed in the Guinness World Record Book when it was launched two years ago. It was officially the world;s toughest phone.

Overall, the JCB phone is incredibly unique. Sportspeople or workers will find it great as they will be able to throw their phone around without worrying about it breaking. But when it comes to style the phone does not come close to other models on the market. But the phone if you lead a very active lifestyle that could lead to phones being broken.


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