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Java Developer Resume Sample For Fresher

Updated on November 13, 2015
Java is the popular language
Java is the popular language | Source

As you hear the name Resume, pictures of interview comes in mind. There are two stages in interview process. First is resume, then second stage is interview. Resume is your mirror to show your skill to employer. It is the document which contains your all academic detail. Therefore resume writing becomes utmost important.


When fresher java developer prepare resume, they don’t know how to do it and they prepare resume in very bad way. Thus it is rejected by the employer.

Although they knows everything about java and coding but because of improper resume, they doesn’t find good job. So in this hub I will tell you about how to develop java developer resume for fresher.

Everyone give good attention to skill but very less attention to resume. So in this hub I will tell you about how to develop java developer resume for fresher.

Important Tips To Prepare Java Developer Resume For Fresher

1. Employer doesn’t know you .It is only through resume employer knows you. Therefore it should be so attractive that employer should force to call you. It should be neat and clean and not contain unnecessary detail.

2. Resume should be maximun of two or three page.As the size of resume increases,interest of employer to see it also begin to decrease.So freshers are advised to keep resume as short as possible.

In the left hand corner of resume, type your name. Below it type your number. In the right corner, write your mail-id. When you write your all your detail right at first, it become very easy for employer to contact you rather than searching whole document to search your mobile number or email-id.

3. Below this, mention your career objective. Your career objective should match with objective of company. It immediately attracts employer attention like to do working challenging environment for the growth of company etc. and he gives you preference in comparision to other people in the interview call.

4. At the top,after you name or number, write the summary of your skill. It is always good way to present you . As number of resume comes to employer for job. It will be very easy for employer to see your skill and call you for interview.

5. After this write your professional detail. It should contain your degree or course name like, 10nth etc. your university, board and percentage.

Try to present it in sentence form. You can also write your professional detail in box form but it looks very odd and unattractive.

Try to present it in sentence form. You can also write your professional detail in box form but it looks very odd and unattractive.

Format Of Your Academic Detail

Passing Year
Sushila devi Institute
Bangalore University
Higher Secondary 12th
Kendriya vidhyalaya
Secondary 10th
Kendriya vidhyalaya

6. Mention your different project you have done in your degree or engineering course. Start from current one then go to your last project. Mention all the details about your project that like what it does, what technology used in it? How many persons involved in it?

7.Lastly mention your declaration that what you have mentioned above is correct. This shows your honesty. After that give your signature.Here is the link of sample format of resume


Keep the details in fresher resume to the point and simple. Select one font to write and keep it till last. It gives uniformity to your resume. Don’t use different color. Use only black color. Mention blue color in to highlight.

There are some professional consultancies like monster have resume expert. They charge some money but they develop resume in a very professional way.I have tried to mention all the details of the resume.

Java developer resume sample in youtube video

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