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Javascript: Pop-up window from a HTML link

Updated on September 11, 2012

HTML Javascript Pop-up window

Sometimes you may see the need to have a smaller sized window or browser when a user clicks on a link. This is helpful for Help Topics, Static Information, or just anything that doesn't need the full browser opened. You can also control the scrollbars, toolbar, status bar, location bar, width, height and location on the screen.

Javascript code

Below is the sample javascript code that needs to be placed between the <HEAD></HEAD> tags of your html document. The sample code generates another browser that is 350 pixels wide and 300 pixels heigh. It also allows the scrollbars to show if the content is larger than the window. It is also resizable, but has no Location or status bar.

<!--Hide script from old browsers
function newWindow(newContent)
winContent =, 'nextWin', 'right=10,top=20,width=350,height=300,toolbar=no,scrollbars=yes,resizable=yes,location=no,status=no')
//Stop hiding script from old browsers -->

HTML Link That Generates The Pop-Up

You will need to create a web page, popup.html, which would have the information that you want to display within the pop-up window.

<a href="javascript:newWindow('popup.html')" title="Click for Help">Click For Help</a>


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