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Jumo Calculator-In review

Updated on April 24, 2015

angled calculator

Don't let them fool you sailor, bigger is soo better...mmm hmmm.
Don't let them fool you sailor, bigger is soo better...mmm hmmm. | Source

Bigger is Better for Visually Challenged

Let’s not underestimate the power of a small group of math functions made accessible to the visually challenged and to those that like their calculator buttons large. After all, Einstein explained the universe with a few formulas.

With big button; calculators, phones, or computer keyboards, those with less than stellar eyesight can continue to successfully interact with technologies that they might otherwise have had difficulty employing.

And had they not been encouraged by being able to read by virtue of the larger numbers and symbols that are emblazoned upon the more visible format, imagine what important work might not have been accomplished that for the big button calculators and other input devices.

One ‘bug fix’ they may want to incorporate into the next version; the solar panel on the virtual calculator depicted here does not seem to work.

Jumbo Calculators, Simplicity Personified

Their ease of use can assist in proscribing order to your day. The elderly and others love the big keys. In the seeing, the Jumbo Calculator, a user believes that --in this case at least-- bigger is better.

In the hearing, the steady pounding of the keys serves to reassure the adder, subtract-er, divider alike. No need for protracted protagonists to ponder further proposals. The votes are in.

In the feeling, the raised keys likewise raise the living standards of those that can master the math of formula.

Have you ever used a big button phone, calculator or other device?

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