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Keep Your Ip address from being tracked by predators - Computer safety

Updated on October 14, 2012

Hide Your IP Address for Your Safety

Have you ever wondered why you can visit a website and somehow it seems even after you are done looking at their website and have closed it out it's as if their advertisements are targeted after you? That's because they are. They have ways of tracking every website you have ever visited and can judge what your interest are so that when you Google (or whichever you use) they can target advertisements at you.

Ok, so that is not too bad. It's a little invasive, but no harm done right? Wrong, the robots that are doing this are able to be hacked by someone who can harm you. Also, some websites will block you if you have visited and posted more comments than they allow. My daughter got blocked from a website because she mentioned a historical name that they didn't like. All she was doing was talking about a cat (we named the cat after him because he had a patch of color on his fur that made him look like he had a mustache that resembled this historical figure). You would also want to block your ip address if you own a business and look up information on your competitors, or if you use your employers computer to look up personal stuff.

Here's how they do it. When you connect to the internet, your computer is assigned an IP address. Whenever you visit Web sites or other Internet servers, that public IP address is transmitted and recorded in log files kept on those servers. These logs leave a trail that allows certain people to see your internet activity.

Anyone with a little knowledge on tracking can find just about everything about you via your IP address. This is a little scary to me, especially knowing my kids play on the computer too. I just don't like the idea that some stranger has the ability to be in my home watching my family and my every move.

There is hope though. You can hide your IP address using Proxy Servers. Just Google "hide my IP address" and choose through the various list. You can also go here

just copy and paste to your browser and keep strangers out of your home.

It's easy, it's free, and it's just plain more safe than not doing it.

You also may want to clear out your cookie history as well.

Please feel free to post any comments or questions to this websites or if you have additional information to ensure our safety. Thank you and good luck.


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  • atechwiz profile image

    atechwiz 4 years ago

    Nice hub. Proxy sites work by presenting the targeted site with a different IP address. Both your Internet Service Provider and the proxy site would still know what your real IP address is. Just thought I would add a little more info if anyone cares.

  • Jackie Lynnley profile image

    Jackie Lynnley 6 years ago from The Beautiful South

    Great info, thanks!