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Kensington Powerback iPad Case Provides Extended Battery Life and Kickstand

Updated on March 11, 2011


It is typical to see people out and about using their iPad to check email, to watch a video or in some cases – actually getting some work done. Since there are Apps for most anything you may want or need the iPad is a popular device. With battery life topping out at 10 hours the iPad seems to go all day long whether surfing the Internet or catching up on some personal communications. However, the battery will eventually run low and it could be at a very inopportune time. If you have to go home or back to the office to charge up – your mobile life is interrupted.  The Kensington Powerback is a unique way to prolong battery power for your iPad.


External battery packs for the iPad are abundant and they work very well but packing extra devices is not always convenient and the added weight may hinder your willingness to use them. That is where the Kensington Powerback can make a difference. It still adds weight (about 12 ounces) and some bulk to the svelte iPad but you only carry around a single device because the Powerback fits like a case that slips over the backside of the iPad. It provides on average an extra 5 hours of battery power for your iPad while acting as a case for your iPad. The surface of the Powerback even improves the feel of your iPad with its soft-touch surface that it also acts to protect your iPad from bumps.


Another advantage of the Kensington Powerback iPad Charger is that it provides a “kickstand” for your iPad. If you have tried to hold your iPad while typing on it you know how uncomfortable it can become after just a few minutes. Do you prop it up on your lap after pushing your chair away from the lunch table and lifting your heels off the floor? Do you push away everything on the table to provide a safe area to lay your iPad? Do you lean forward to see your iPad while it lays flat on your desk? The Powerback removes the need for an iPad stand and still gives you the opportunity to comfortably use your iPad in the typing mode, the portrait mode or in the landscape mode. The “kickstand” is made of steel so it is capable of supporting the weight and when not in use tucks away in an indention made into the back of the Powerback.

There is no need for a separate iPad dock - charging and syncing the iPad can be accomplished while the Powerback is installed via a micro USB port on the Powerback. There are LED lights that show you how much charge is left and there are deflectors for the iPad speakers that preserve the sound. There are so many pros to the Powerback – the convenience, the extended battery power, the all-in-one case/dock and kickstand. If there is a con – it is that the Powerback does not have an on/off control. While on the iPad it is always on – but how can gaining an extra 5 hours of battery life be bad in any way? The Powerback does not provide any protection for the iPad screen so some sort of lightweight bag or sleeve would be wise to travel with.

Kensington provides a 2-year limited warranty on the Powerback.



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    • profile image

      Seamus kearns  6 years ago

      I think if you put a few tissues in the sleeve the ipad goes into then it will work with ipad 2

    • chspublish profile image

      chspublish 7 years ago from Ireland

      Good to know about the powerback. Those amazon prices are pretty good too, aren't they?