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KidZui Review: Free Kids Web Browser

Updated on May 11, 2009

My 4 year old daughter loves her KidZui web browser. If I'd let her she would play for hours. Rarely do I ever have to go up and do anything for her to find the websites she's looking for. She can browse through the Internet safety and I don't have to worry about her getting into anything that I might feel is inappropriate.

Kidzui is a free kids browser download that can be put right on the desktop of the computer. Each child can create their own avatar and change it as they wish.

KidZui Kids Internet Browser
KidZui Kids Internet Browser

KidZui Is A Browser Not A Filter

KidZui is not like a parental Internet filter that just blocks websites that it deems aren't suitable for children. KidZui instead is actually an Internet browser that is customized just for children ages 3 to 12 and allows everything that can be navigated to, to be available.

Teachers and Parents continually add to the already impressive number of over a million websites, pictures and video. Everything that is accepted to KidZui has had to have manual approval.

Kids can watch child friendy You-Tube videos such as Taylor Swifts Love Song, (my daughters favorite) or watch animal videos. They can watch clips or full episodes of their favorite cartoons on their respective websites. There are thousands of games that can be found just by browsing around.

KidZui Kids Browser
KidZui Kids Browser

Kids Interactive Internet Features


  • Kids who can read will be able to type in whatever they are looking for in the search bar and the browser will try and guess what the kid is wanting to find. Results are given with a small icon to help show the results.
  • The Relevant results search will show a good number of related sites. The results come up with a picture of the website, page, video, or image so that it is easier for young children to find what they are looking for.
  • The Related Channels on the left side give results that may be of interest to the child based on the things they already look at.

Most Visited Websites

  • Most visited makes it easy for kids to go right back to their favorite sites without much work.


  • Kids can change their avatars at any time. The avatar are small cartoon characters that can be made to look just like them, or an animal, or whatever the child likes best. It's easy to go in and update and change the avatar at anytime.


  • While direct communication is limited because there is not chat, no IM, and no e-mail for safety, kids can still see other KidZui members and ping them with "Hi" While also share their status with the available choice of moods and activities created by the mods.


  • Kids have options to vote on the sites they like or don't like and can see on the right side of the page what others have voted for that website.


Parental Observation

In my e-mail after each day that my daughter uses KidZui I get a little report that gives me an idea of what kind of websites she was looking at. If I want to look closer, I can log into my parent KidZui account and know how much time she spent online as well as see every search, every website, even any blocked websites my daughter tried to reach. At 4, not so much an issue but something parents of older children might find useful.

Parents can also block pre-approved websites, add websites, edit kids accounts, and more.

Download KidZui

KidZui is a free download. They have an upgrade account that you can pay for in our house it has never been neccesary. You can download the KidZui browser Here


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    • jim10 profile image

      jim10 8 years ago from ma

      This seems like a great idea. I will have to try it out for my kids. There are tons of websites out there. The more of them I come across the more I am surprised that many address names or searches that seem perfectly clean come up with the most inappropriate content.

      Thanks a bunch.