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Buying Amazon Kindle in India

Updated on April 30, 2014

Are You Looking Towards Buying The Amazon Kindle in India?

Amazon Kindle is arguably the best personal gadget out there! Many in my home country are looking towards buying Kindle in India. usually doesn't offer shipping of many products to India. I just do my window shoppin at Amazon and ogle at the products. When I came across the Kindle page I was surprised to see that they offer shipping to India. Did you know that the Amazon Kindle is the ONLY gadget on Amazon that is being shipped to India?

The good news for people coveting a Kindle in India is that you can order from Amazon to get your gadget right at your doorstep. All you have to do is enter your address, payment details and you will get your Kindle in India within a week or so. The landing page says that shipping is free but this is only applicable if you make orders of $25 or more PLUS if you are from the United States. So for India, this Super Saver Shipping condition does not apply.

Why It Is Better to Get Amazon Kindle From

If you are someone who settles for nothing but the best, then it is recommended to get your Amazon Kindle from the official website itself. The process is easy and simple and Amazon ships to any postal code in India. It's a very simple process, so why settle for anything less? The pricing is also almost the same as compared to Kindle shipped by other unofficial websites. Apart from that, You get a 1 year warranty and various other benefits and options which only can be found on the Amazon website.

Many of you might even be thinking of buying your Amazon Kindle from eBay. This is understandable considering that eBay offers some good deals for electronic items. But a thing to be noted is that the Kindles sold on eBay are listed by U.S Kindle owners who have mentioned that shipping takes around 12 business days once payment is received. This usually takes much longer depending on the seller's comfort. Why wait for such a long time when Amazon can ship the gadget to you in 2-3 days?

The next thing you might wonder about is the pricing. Some online websites do charge less for the Amazon Kindle than the official website, but what you have to know is that Amazon keeps a part of your cash for import duties and you will get this cash refunded as soon as your item is delivered. So many times than not you get the best deal out of only! You end up getting a more juicy deal if you have an gift card.


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