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Kindle Wireless Reading Device, a Perfect Gift for Readers

Updated on January 31, 2015

Have you ever thought that a single electronic device that weighs and looks almost the same as an average size of magazine can contain hundreds or even thousands of books, newspaper and magazines all-in-one? Such device is known as electronic book reader and you can think it just like an ordinary book that you can hold and read it anywhere as you like, be it at the comfort of your home or at your favorite cafe. One such great inventions in none other than the Amazon Kindle Wireless Reading Device and with it all those things mention (and even more) are made possible to be experienced by all avid readers.

As mentioned, Amazon Kindle wireless reading device is an electronic book reader that could store a huge number (the latest Kindle can store up to 3,500 books) of reading materials which including books, newspaper, magazines, journal and any other published papers. This is indeed an amazing reading device as all those electronic reading material are delivered to the Kindle wirelessly - without needing you to exert much effort and spending money for it. Moreover, this device is just as thick as a normal magazine and it is very light and comfortable to be held.

Kindle Wireless Reading Device
Kindle Wireless Reading Device

The kindle is a ready to use device, nothing need to be installed or configure when it arrives at your door. The wireless feature is ready to be utilized at all time. On both sides of the kindle are the control buttons that you can use to navigate or turning the pages, which enable you to read at the comfort of your speed and style. Moreover, with the highlighting features, you can even mark things that are important to you or jotting down notes and ideas that spark up coincidentally.

With the use of Whispernet, you have now the ability to download books in just 60 seconds and also wit the fact that you don't have to connect to a wireless hostspot or plug in a cable for downloading.  And so there is no monthly subscription fee that tied to the device, all you have to do is just browse the kindle version of books at Amazon and pay for those that you have selected. By the way, there are some publishers that release their books free of charge and all you need to do is just downloading them.

Travelers who loves reading do not have to worry, as the Kindle Wireless Reading Device has coverage in more than 100 countries and territories all over the globe. And this means that you are able to download your favorite local newspaper or magazines while you are far from home. To protect the customer purchase, Amazon has the backup feature where every kindle book purchased is backup online automatically.

Kindle Reviews by Users

Another thing that makes the Kindle a perfect electronic reading device is the use of electronic ink display or known as E Ink. This electronic ink technology allows the reader to view text without a black-lit screen and it has many advantages over convention LCD screen. Staring at the LCD screen for long period of time can strain the eyes very much. E Ink enable the reading screen look much like a real paper and thus, allowing the reader to read comfortably for hours. Moreover, this technology also enable you to read under the bright sunlight as it boast no glare. Using this technology has also enable the battery to last longer; with the wireless feature turned off, the device can run up to one month without charging.

To even enhance the readers' experience, the Kindle wireless reading device has also other reading features such as the adjustable text size so that you can adjust it to suit your needs and preferences. The fonts can also be changed according to your desires; you can choose the one that makes it looks good on the screen. Another thing is that the screen could be rotated so that you can see thing that fits the screen well. Well, that's not all as it also has the Text-to-Speech feature which you can turn on to make the Kindle wireless reading device to read things out lout to you; just imagine having a personal assistance that does that.

If you prefer listening to some background music while reading, well, the Kindle can also do it for you. With the device connected to your computer via the USB interference, you can transfer mp3 files to the Kindle and now you can enjoy some music while doing your readings. And if you have enough reading, just use it as a portable mp3 player; play it with your favorite tunes or listening audiobooks, in case if your eyes are tired.

To provide security to your kindle wireless reading device and files stored inside , Amazon has added a security feature to it. With this security enhancement, you can add a password to the device and has it locked when you are not using it.

Kindle DX

Amazon Kindle wireless reading device, the DX version is very similar to the latest Kindle 3 edition. Indeed, there are actually almost the same with the exception that the Kindle DX having a larger diagonal display, 9.7" as compares to Kindle 3 which is just 6". As it is larger, a Kindle DX is heavier than the Kindle 3 by 10 ounces. Other than that, they are mostly the same. Kindle DX was actually produced as a more upgraded or premium version of Kindle prior to Kindle 3 whereas on the previous version of Kindles (first and second), there are of limited features such as smaller storage capacity and not having the screen rotation function.


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  • KenWu profile imageAUTHOR


    5 years ago from Malaysia

    Good to you Edward! I love to have one to but it is not available for my country currently.

  • Edward J. Palumbo profile image

    Ed Palumbo 

    5 years ago from Tualatin, OR

    I enjoy reading, and I received a Kindle as a gift last year. A year passed and I've gone through seventy books from Amazon on that device, as well as several others. When I travel, the Kindle accompanies me. I'm never bored on long flights in waiting rooms or airports. I'm very pleased with it.


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