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Lap King Lap Desk with Detachable Neck Pillow

Updated on November 12, 2010


There are so many times that sitting behind a desk is the last thing you want to do, regardless of how much work there is to be done. You just want to be where the action is and to take part in the family activities. Daily to-do lists include chunks of time that can be lost if you don’t work when and where you are. Most doctor visits take longer than anticipated but some time can be recovered if you are prepared. Same goes for time spent waiting for your young ball players to finish practice. Then there are times that sitting at your desk is not possible. Traveling for work or for pleasure poses their own challenges and the need to get work done can be even more important.  Thank goodness for laptops, iPads and Smartphones.

Although electronic gadgets make our lives mobile it is up to us to make ourselves comfortable. Reports abound about the heat that laptops exchange with our legs. Ergonomics go out the window when our necks and shoulders lean too far forward while reading or typing on a keyboard (even when it is a virtual one). Is there a way to solve this dilemma and still get the freedom we want and need?

Sure there is. I know what you are thinking – here comes another one of those lap desk things. You are at least half right – but I think that this one is different in a lot of ways from all the others. The Lap King is more than just a lap desk. It is also a tray and a 2.5 inch micro-bead filled neck pillow. Keep reading and I will explain.


The Lap King is versatile. It works for most anybody in most any situation. The pillowed bottom is thick enough to be adjusted to fit an uneven lap or other surface. If your legs are shorter than the distance between the seat and the floor and your feet do not touch you know that your lap tilts forward. Without using a foot stool to raise your legs leveling your lap, your laptop could end up on the floor. Balancing an ordinary lap desk from a wheel chair can be a nightmare. How do you move the chair and hold onto your laptop simultaneously. You may just want to lounge on the bed while working. You will still need a level surface that will not cause your laptop to overheat.


The most obvious use of the Lap King is as a lap desk. One side of the tray is designed with multiple raised surfaces that allow heat to escape from a laptop. Not only will your skin be safe from damage – so will your laptop. Computer components break down quicker if too much heat builds up around them. The opposite side is smooth and works well as a food tray or a writing surface. The Lap King works for all ages providing a raised and stable surface to do homework, color in a favorite color-book or a for eating a quick snack in front of the television. It is easy to switch from one side to the other via the six snaps found around the edges of the tray. The unique feature of the Lap King however is the neck pillow. It can be used independently by unsnapping it from the tray. At first glance the Lap King looks bulky, but with so many uses it overcomes that complaint.


The overall size of the Lap King Lap Desk is approximately 19 inches wide x 14 inch deep x 3 inches deep (with the neck pillow attached) and it weighs about 2.5 pounds. The desk surface (without the neck pillow attached) is dishwasher safe. The Lap King Lap Desk surface is black with several colors available for the neck pillow – even an orange with the University of Texas logo or others with animal prints. The fabric is durable and resists stains. The six snaps evenly spaced around the Lap King Lap Desk surface matches up with the snaps on the neck pillow completing their connection.


Tired of working? Whether at home, in the car or on an airplane – remove the neck pillow, lean back in the seat and take a power nap. Need to stabilize your work area? Replace the desk surface and adjust the pillow to set level on your lap or on a nearby surface. Attach the adjustable waist strap to each side of the Lap King Lap Desk, and then wrap it around your waist. Working, eating or playing a game in a wheelchair instantly becomes an easier task. Tackling any task is easier when you have the right equipment. The Lap King Lap Desk takes your mobile work surface to level unknown by other lap desks. Searching for a great gift that anyone can use and appreciate? The Lap King Lap Desk may be just the ticket.



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    • Debbie Cook profile image

      Debbie Cook 7 years ago from USA

      Thank you Squarix

    • Squarix profile image

      Squarix 7 years ago from Illinois

      These look awesome - they cover all of the needed activities one does at their desk during the day, including a convenient eating tray! :P I had no idea that these even existed until I read your hub, but now that I know they're out there I may just order one of these lap desks/neck pillows. And if I do I'll surely use your amazon link. Thanks for bringing these to my attention! :)