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Pacsafe MeshSafe Anti-Theft Laptop Bags with Slashproof Features

Updated on July 22, 2013

A laptop is meant to be portable. It is fun to boot up in the wide open spaces of a park, on a blanket spread on the green grass of a college campus open area or at the corner Starbucks. If you feel more like having a burger and fries instead of a coffee and a roll the local McDonald’s is another great place to boot up.

As someone that carries a laptop I know the joy and the drudgery of keeping up with an expensive and fragile gadget on a daily basis. Separation anxiety sets in every time you have to step away from your laptop bag. What if someone tries to steal it? Will you see them in time and abort their criminal intentions? Or will you live through a nightmare that I had one night?

I dreamed that I had accidentally left my laptop bag in an airport waiting area. I ran back there as fast as I could (you know how fast that feels in a dream) but it was no where in sight. A little old lady just smiled and said “honey, it is not here – a young man just left with it”. I woke up hyperventilating.

PacSafe MeshSafe is a line of anti-theft laptop bags. Your choice is between a Messenger Bag, a Shoulder Bag, a Courier Bag, a Backpack, a purse, a waist pack and even a motorcycle bag. Each one has unique features that discourage anyone from ripping the bag from your person or from a spot that you have left it for a short time.

Pacsafe MetroSafe 300 Anti-Theft Computer Shoulder Bag - Deep Chocolate or Black
Pacsafe MetroSafe 300 Anti-Theft Computer Shoulder Bag - Deep Chocolate or Black


Special fabric called eXomesh Slashguard is located in the lower areas of the bag. As the name suggests this fabric keeps a thief from cutting the bag which would let the gadgets inside fall out.

  • The adjustable shoulder strap is also made from Slashguard
  • An integrated combination lock lets you wrap the shoulder strap around a stationary object and leave it there without too much worry
  • They were also thinking about the opposite end of the shoulder strap. A tamperproof screw system is integrated to further enhance the theft proof features
  • No need to worry about the zippers either. They have tamperproof locks on the zipper both on front and back

Some of the features found inside the bag are as impressive as on the outside. I think that you could nearly carry an entire office in there. A padded laptop sleeve is removable and there are padded pockets for multiple gadgets. There are organizational panels that hold cards and pens with an attached key hook. There are even concealed pockets with hidden zippers.

The PacSafe MeshSafe M200 bags come in different sizes depending on the size of laptop you plan to carry.

I would like to have one of these bags to store my gadgets in when I leave them at home. I always worry that they may be more vulnerable there than when I carry them with me.


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