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Laptop Cover Guide

Updated on June 4, 2013

Does your laptop feel a little drab? Is gray or black not really your thing, your style? Or maybe you just want a change of pace, something new. Maybe you want to take your laptop and give it a makeover, bring a bit of new life to it. After all, don’t you do the same thing with yourself? Get a new hair style, buy a new shirt, a new tie, try a different shade of blush?

There is an easy and economical way to make over you laptop, without having to run out and buy a brand new one. To change your laptop style, how about getting a new laptop cover? There are so many different patterns and colors and types of laptop cover that you can even get crazy, buy a different laptop cover for each day of the week! Blue Monday to hot pink Saturday!

Avoid the same old boring laptop with a laptop cover.
Avoid the same old boring laptop with a laptop cover.

Buying a Laptop Cover

So, if you are in the market for a laptop makeover, where should you go to get a laptop cover? Well, that might depend on what kind of cover you want. If you have pretty popular brand of laptop, you can get laptop covers or skins to fit it at a number of shops online. If your laptop is a bit unusual in size and shape or if you want a cover or skin that is truly unique, then you can check out some of the places that offer custom made laptop covers. Last, maybe it’s not just the outside of your laptop you want to cover and keep protected. It may be that you want a cover for your keyboard as well. This type of laptop cover is available from many good online retailers as well.

For a great laptop cover in the first category, you might want to head on over to your good friends at Amazon. There they have listed whole lines of laptop covers that are ready made and ready to go and you can do a lot of shopping and browsing all in one place. In the category of laptop cover, Amazon lists laptop stickers, laptop skins, and laptop sleeves, depending on what you want your laptop cover to do for you. If it’s protection you are after, the Built NY laptop sleeve combines functionality with durability. The hourglass shape makes handling your laptop easy, while the padded neoprene offered by Built NY gives the ultimate in laptop protection.

At the other end of the spectrum are the Bundle Monster laptop skins also offered on Amazon. This type of non-sticky laptop cover is made to give your laptop a new look while also protecting your laptop shell from scratches and dirt. An array of designs are available, from roses to space scenes, and application of these skins is easy to do. It’s a great cheap way to give your laptop a whole new look.

For a custom made laptop cover, head over to the folks at At this laptop skin maker you can design your own laptop cover by uploading your art and specifying the dimensions of your computer. Whether you want to submit a photograph, a piece of art that you created, or some original design, just upload it to the Schticker site and they will return your custom laptop cover to you within a few days.

Keyboard Laptop Cover

For those people who may be taking their laptop out of doors or perhaps to the coffee shop down the block, a keyboard laptop cover might be a good idea. These covers fit over your keyboard to protect it from spills or other accidents and to keep dirt and particles out from the keyboard that could damage the sensitive keys. The best keyboard laptop cover will be made from a molded soft plastic or polyurethane that will allow each key to be depressed independently from the others.

One such type of laptop cover is offered at the website Fentek specializes in keyboard covers, both universal fit covers and custom fitted covers. Both varieties of laptop cover are made from see-through polyurethane that is easy to remove and easy to clean with soap and water. Avoid a laptop disaster by purchasing one of these keyboard covers right away.

So, whatever your needs or your fashion, there is a laptop cover that is right for you and right for your computer. Don’t stay stuck with the same old gray laptop! Dress it up with a laptop cover and hit the town in style.


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