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Latest Trends in Online Social Networking: A Conversation between Angel and Teenager

Updated on March 19, 2016
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Students and Online Social Media Networking

Students and Online Social Media Networking
Students and Online Social Media Networking | Source

Latest Trends in Online Social Networking: A Conversation between Angel and Teenager

Is it a blessing or dangerous ?

Recently an angel was sent by Gods to collect the latest news about what the humans are currently involved with. So the angel decided to pay a visit to earth to know about the latest trends and developments.

To get the firsthand account, the Angel decided to meet a young boy in his late teens. Working on his laptop and simultaneously chatting with his friend through his latest smart phone, Angel found him in café near the University campus.

“Good Morning, young man, I am Mr. Cloudy. May I have the pleasure of sharing the table with you?” asked the Angel, pulling the chair next to the teenager.

“Hi! I am Danny. Are you new here, never seen you around?” responded the teenager introducing himself.

Angel: “Yeah, I am not from this part of the world. …just joined the college for a Specialized Program in Social Sciences”. Actually the emphasis of this program is on field surveys and collecting primary data through interviewing people. That is why, I am not regular on the campus.

FaceBook is getting increasingly popular
FaceBook is getting increasingly popular | Source

“Hmmm…sounds interesting. So what topic are you working on these days?” asked Danny, updating his Status on Facebook.

“Well, I am studying the impact of Social Networking Sites on our lives. I believe that millions of people are active on sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+. I read somewhere that 45% of the teenagers in North America are present on Social Networking Sites and this number is fast increasing. I have also gathered that even the adults, working professionals, housewives and elders too have got hooked on to it. Should this Global Phenomenon be termed as Global Disease or Global Passion or Global Addiction?” exclaimed the angel disguised as Mr. Cloudy.

Online Social Networking Sites
Online Social Networking Sites | Source

“Neither! …and there is no need to give it any name.” shot back Danny. “Let us look at it this way, couple of years back, when I was perhaps in my nappies, the advent of mobile phone was a game changer. It revolutionized the way humans communicate. In fact, it continues to do so, with so many features and applications being introduced in the hardware and software.

Has anyone called it a disease or an addiction?

Similarly, the Online Social Networking too is a blessing. Worldwide, it is estimated that 1.50 billion people use it. In other words, one in every four persons uses it. It is estimated to be growing at 18% per annum.”

“Very interesting views, Danny. Please tell me the benefits of Social Networking Sites specifically for the students.” said the angel, motivating Danny to talk more.

Social Media Sites
Social Media Sites | Source

Benefits of Social Networking Sites for the students

“Speaking off the cuff I can list out quite a few benefits, though there might be more and many more would be in future as one has to only stretch the imagination. “ said Danny, “ For example, “

  • Shy or introvert Students who are not that confident interacting face to face can interact more online and gain better.
  • Everyone easily finds like minded friends with whom s/he can share common interests, through online Pages / online groups.

Using Facebook Groups for College Courses

Online Learning
Online Learning | Source

  • Teachers and admin staff of academic institution find it to be a great communication tool. It has become much easier to share the knowledge, updates, notes etc.
  • Students with special interests can find good support from the online communities. The progress a student can make is far better due to sharing of information and experiences and also solving each other’s problems. This could not have been so without an online community or a group formed using the platform and facility of the Social Networking site.
  • Increase in depth and variety of learning. Online groups or communities could be on assorted and multiple subjects which can introduce the student to many new points of view and ideas that s/he was not aware of.. The students can learn more and express their opinions too. Thus it keeps them involved and engaged constructively.
  • A student is also a member of some family – small or large and also the extended family. Through online social networking, it has not only become easier but also interesting to keep in touch with family members by sharing updates, photos, videos, and messages, amongst the family members.”

“Bravo Danny, I am quite impressed by your positive, constructive and optimistic approach. But is it safe?” asked the angel.

Some statistics about online Social Networks

of all webpage views are on Facebook
1.4 Billion
Total number of Facebook users worldwide
Total percentage of people worldwide who use Facebook
190 million
Average number of tweets per day
2.7 Billion
“likes” per day on Facebook
Some statistics about online Social Networks

“Well to address your apprehension briefly Mr. Cloudy, I’d say if the students observes regular safety rules of online networking then the benefits far outweigh the perceived risks.

  • Not only the students but every netizen should not post private information, including the phone number, home address, class or work schedule, holiday plans, etc. In other words, limit giving away personal information.
  • Do not post anything that could be embarrassing to self or family or society.
  • Do not rush to befriend every stranger or accept every invitation you receive. Verify and confirm thoroughly before you hit the accept button.
  • Be respectful to other members of the social networking community.
  • Keep your profile neat and decent as the prospective employers are likely to research about you online before hiring you.”

advised Danny.

“Thank you Danny”…said angel, shaking hands, “and I hope everyone follows your wise advice”

"Author: Sundeep Kataria"

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