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Lexar FireFly USB Flash Drive

Updated on December 2, 2011

Looking for compact and easy to use USB-flash drive? Then consider getting one of the Lexar portable high capacity storage usb flash drives. It is one of the smallest and fastest on the market that will not hurt you’re your pocket book.

Lexar jump drives come in a variety of different styles, capacities, and features for most individuals to apply. They come in a variety of sizes from 2 GB, 4 GB, 8 GB, and even 16 GB capacity sizes. If, you are looking for a little jump to just transfer files from one computer to the next or take a drive that you want to put a stripped down version of Linux to boot to then the Lexar jump drives are what you need.

The Lexar jump drives come a few different options as far as the firmware and software in the usb memory stick is concerned. One of the free available programs that are installed on the drive is called Jump Drive Secure II plus USB Flash Drive software. This software is specific to Lexar usb flash drives in getting you the ultimate compatibility with a variety of windows, Linux and Macintosh computers. The software allows you to protect your information that you have put onto the Lexar fire fly. This prevents hackers or unpleasant people from accessing the information that you have added to the USB drive. So, besides giving you lots of capacity it gives you piece of mind in case something happens to it.

The most popular of the Lexar USB flash drives is the exclusive Firefly Jump drive. It is designed for easy plug and play functionality. It allows the user to have the quickest and easiest access to transfer files like photos, music, video, and data files. So, where ever you go, and whatever you want to share is available to you with one plug in to any computer with the Lexar firefly memory stick. Another neat option that this drive allows you to have, is the functionality of having it as a portable personal PC. The jump drive from Lexar allows you to use preloaded software that will allow you to boot to drive into an operating system of your choice.

Another wonderful feature that the Lexar firefly has the most other USB drive do not have is the ability to be used as a backup. This software in the drive known as secure backup allows you to sync all of the most powerful software and information on your computer. When there are changes made to files, folders or email the usb drives continues to sync with the computer enhancing your redundancy to protect your data backed up. So, if you are looking for an economical and flexible solution for allowing you to be more mobile with your desktop files. Then the Lexar firefly is the right choice for you.


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