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Liftmaster Garage Door Openers Prices, Reviews, Spare Parts

Updated on February 13, 2012

If you are looking for information about Liftmaster garage door openers then look no further. On this page we review some of the best selling Liftmaster garage door openers, we look at the prices and also see where you can buy them from online. We also see if there is anyway of getting discount garage door openers and exactly how much they cost. This page will basically tell you everything you need to know about garage door openers from Liftmaster.

Liftmaster specialise in commercial garage door openers. These are mainly heavy duty openers designed for hard wear and also designed with safety in mind. The difference between commercial and residential really comes down to frequency of use and the weight of the doors involved. So now let’s take a look at the company itself.

The Company Behind The Name

The name Liftmaster is actually the name of a line of products rather than the name of the actual company. Chamberlain are the main company who own the Liftmaster name. When you search for the name Chamberlain you are presented with residential garage door openers. These are good quality affordable openers that can easily be installed by anyone capable of following simple instructions.

The company has been going for many years and is often seen as the marker leader when it comes to garage door openers. Based in Illinois this is a global company with head offices in many different countries such as England, China and Germany. This company pride themselves on quality and safety. They have a long history of producing top quality products at affordable prices.

As well as garage door openers they also produce gate openers, control systems and security systems. You can get a free quote from Liftmaster here. This is a company that is growing all the time and always looking for ways it can expand it’s empire. So now you know a little bit about the company, let’s take a look at the Liftmaster line of products.

The Hoist

Liftmaster Commercial Openers

There are five main categories of garage door opener that Liftmaster specialise in. Each different kind of opener has a few different varieties that will be used for more specific purposes. So let’s have a look at the five in question.

Jackshaft Operators

The Jackshaft openers are primarily designed for shutters and rolling grilles. There are quite a few models to choose from in the range, these depend on the size and weight of the door you will be lifting. The Jackshaft model is a very popular one that many businesses make use of.

Trolley Operators

The Trolley openers are a very simple design and are mainly used for standard lift sectional doors. Probably the most popular of the Liftmaster products, these come in light, medium or industrial strength depending upon what sort of door you are going to be opening. This opener is simply mounted on the ceiling and it drags the door back towards it, a very simple design similar to the one seen in residential garages.

Hoist Operators

Quite similar to the Jackshaft, the Hoist Models are again mainly designed to open shutters and rolling grilles. Designed for high doors these are very easy to operate and can be bought in either light, medium or industrial strength depending upon the weight of the door you are opening.

Slide Operators

Again a very simple design similar to the trolley. The Slide operator though is designed for heavy duty work. Often used on fire doors and single panel doors. There are only two models in this range and both are very heavy duty. As you would imagine these are a little more expensive but these are really designed with a specific purpose in mind.

Fire Door Release

Finally something a little bit different. Not an openers as such but a fire door release system. These are designed to automatically shut when a fire is detected in the building. These can protect property and save lives. There are many different settings you can use in conjunction with these systems, customise the release system to suit your buildings specific needs. These are very popular systems and can be invaluable tools in aiding fire prevention.

Liftmaster Prices

If you visit the Liftmaster website you can see all the products listed nicely. However they do not give you a simple price list. So how much do Liftmaster commercial garage door openers actually cost? Well as you can imagine it depends on which product you actually buy. Another factor is what kind of door you will be opening, it’s not a simple case of buying a pack like you would with a residential garage door opener, each commercial set up is different so chances are you will need specific parts. Some of the cheaper ones are not to expensive, while some of the more expensive openers are several thousand dollars. We did come across a list of replacement parts and prices for them, so from this you can get an idea of how much some of the openers are likely to cost.

For instance in 2008 a replacement ‘motor, break cover’ would cost $2344. A DC - Motor Control would set you back $1533. So this gives you an idea of how much some of the top end models do cost. However it is important to remember these are quality products and they are very reliable, so if you want good quality commercial garage door openers then you can’t go far wrong with Liftmaster.

Spare Parts

Even though Liftmaster are seen as a reliable company with good quality products, the fact is that parts do wear out. As well as that, sometimes parts can be damaged or broken if not treated properly. So you can order spare parts for your garage door openers. These are easy to locate as the company have a list on their website of parts available. If you check your owners manual you should be able to find the name of the part that is broken or lost. Then you simply find the part online and order a new one.

Overall Impression

So now we have had a look at a few of the Liftmaster products we can tell you that this is a very reliable company with a very good reputation. There are various reviews online that speak highly of these products and Liftmaster are no doubt one of the market leaders when it comes to commercial garage door openers. If you are looking for residential openers then Chamberlain have some excellent models available, prices average around $300 so you really can get a decent system for your garage door for a very reasonable price.

Hopefully this page will have given you some helpful information and told you a little bit more about the Liftmaster brand. The prices on this page are subject to change and if you are interested in purchasing openers then your best option is to deal directly with the company in question.


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