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List of 10 Incredible Claymation Videos

Updated on September 25, 2011

Below is a showcase of 10 incredible claymation videos. All entries were made by normal people not production houses and should be acknowledged. Check it out, some are quite funny and interesting. If you are interested in making claymation cartoons check of hub: How To Make A Claymation Cartoon for a detailed process on the steps to create a full claymation cartoon. Also our hub: HOW TO MAKE A CLAYMATION CHARACTER for a detailed process on the steps to create a claymation character.

Captain american Gets Mad

Captain America has a bit of a heated conversation with a comic book guy and doesn't like what he hears. Check out his reaction! Figures in this video are made completely from clay.

Wizard Battle

A wizard battles his evil nemesis another darker wizard, staff to staff. There is a little CGI in this one bu is mostly very intricate claymation. They make trees spring from the ground vines that grab at their arms and dragons as they battle it out! Enjoy!

Super Mario Bros Claymation

A claymation of Mario in what looks like the first Super Mario Bros game but everything from the blocks to the mushrooms to the sewer pipes are all made of clay. Is very inventive and funny.

Charlie Butters : Floor Burgers

This claymation has a modelled kitchen set, many props and a scene from inside a fridge. The character Charlie Butters goes to the kitchen to make himself a sandwich and has something rather unexpected happen. Trust me it is hilarious so check it out!

Harry Potter in clay

This claymation is a claymation version of Harry Potter. So all you fans of the phenomenon know as Harry Potter should give it a view. Or even if your not so much of a fan check it anyway it is pretty interesting.

CCW Wresting Claymation

This one has very very well done movements. Some editing had to have been done during the parts where the wrestlers through eachother through the air and it must have taken a long time.

SpongeBob Squarepants Claymation

Everyone favorite yellow spone in a rare claymation appearance. Pretty funny as usual Plankton is after the Crabby Patty. You'll never guess what happens to him, check it out!

Blue VS Green Clay Man Battle Part 2 (with scientist)

In this one after a clay scientist finishes a long day at the lab and begins his walk home when he comes across a blue and a green clay man fighting. After they apparently finish eachother the scientist decides to use a time machine to rewind time only this time he arms them with weapons and observes. All in claymation!

Erie Bathtub Claymation

This one is made by a Japanese clay animator. It is a little bit erie but nothing really horrible happens in it. Is more of a psychological horror type. It is interesting to see something like this done in claymation.

Demented Clay Ambulance

The demented clay ambulance. Keeps driving around running into people, driven by a weird nurse. It might be a little scary if it wasn't done in clay, this way it is quite silly and good for a laugh.

As said at the top of this article if you are interested in making claymation cartoons check of hub: How To Make A Claymation Cartoon for a detailed process on the steps to create a full claymation cartoon. Also our hub: HOW TO MAKE A CLAYMATION CHARACTER for a detailed process on the steps to create a claymation character.

Check out some to the claymation cartoon shorts below for a good laugh!


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