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LiveSpeaker Customized Speakers for iPod and iPhone

Updated on March 15, 2011

LiveSpeaker or LiveSpeakr

Electronic gadgets are released at a speed that is difficult to keep up with. Soon after purchasing the latest and greatest gadget yet – here comes another one that promises to be even better than the last. The rate of newness does not have that much to do with the present however. If a gadget is a good one you are likely to keep it even after making an upgrade. The LiveSpeaker is gadget that actually extends the usefulness of a gadget that you probably already own.


LiveSpeaker extends the Useful Life of an iPod or iPhone

LiveSpeaker is compatible with the iPod classic 1G through 6G, the iPod touch 1G through 3G and the iPhone 1G through 3GS. When I upgraded to my iPhone 3GS my husband inherited my iPhone 3G. He is not interested in using it as a cell phone but he enjoys watching videos and checking his email on it via WiFi.

I recently purchased the mobile SlingBox software for my iPhone 3G. The LiveSpeaker turns an iPhone into a mini television. How cool is that?

These are excellent examples of how the LiveSpeaker would extend the useful life of a favorite iPod or iPhone.


LiveSpeaker is Portable but Not too Small

Portable electronic gadgets by nature are small. Compact size and usefulness earns a gadget a spot in our gadget bags. The LiveSpeaker shines in this area. The system transforms from a compact package that measures small enough to fit into a pocket or bag to a mini stereo system.

The speakers extend from the base unit whenever you attach your iPod or iPhone. If you want to watch a video in portrait mode that is great or if you want to watch it in landscape mode that is great as well. A simple twist of the iPod of iPhone and the speakers automatically spread apart and move into position.

How efficient is the LiveSpeaker?

The LiveSpeaker produces robust sound for such a small package. Interference from other electronic devices is not an issue due to RF shielding technology built into the LiveSpeaker.

Battery life is exceptional – up to 16 hours between charges. The integrated Lithium-Ion battery provides power to the LiveSpeaker – but it does not charge the iPod or the iPhone attached to it.

The LiveSpeaker stands on a base made of aluminum that retracts for portability. Rubber feet attached to the bottom of the stand protects the surface that it sits while not allowing any slippage of the unit.

It is important to point out that the LiveSpeaker does not charge the iPod or iPhone.



Electronic gadgets become obsolete too fast. Finding a way to use them after the new wears off is valuable. Hand the reinvented gadget down to a family member or give it to a friend as a gift. They will be excited and you will feel good.



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