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Logitech G5

Updated on August 3, 2010

Logitech G5 Laser Mouse

The Logitech G5 Laser Mouse is the World's best gaming mouse.
The Logitech G5 Laser Mouse is the World's best gaming mouse.

Introduction to the Logitech G5

Out of all the mice, in all the World, the Logitech G5 Laser mouse is by far one of the fastest, most accurate laser mice in the World. The Logitech G5 is well known for both it's precision and speed with gamers on a wide range of games, from strategy to first person shooter.

When you play games (especially online) you often find yourself in situations where every split second and movement can make a huge difference to your success.  The Logitech G5 Laser mouse can vastly improve your gameplay, giving you that slight extra edge over your opponents.

It might not seem like a mouse could make such a big difference, but with the features and quality of the Logitech G5 you will see an instance difference in the quality of your mouse control.

Logitech G5 Features

The Logitech G5 laser mouse has some amazing features which make it quite simply the best gaming mouse in the world. From the non slip coating for sweaty hands, to on the fly resolution changing, the Logitech G5 is by far the best USB gaming mouse available today.  While this is a USB Gaming mouse you can also get the Logitech G7 bluetooth gaming mouse. Unfortunately this has the slight wireless delay, but it is still very responsive.

I will start by going over the basic aspects of the Logitech G5 laser mouse.  It has a strong construction, and sturdy rubberised coating which is effective at keeping your grip slip free even when you have sweaty hands. 

The Logitech G5 also has a unique, but surprisingly useful feature in it's innovative USB gaming mouse design.  It has adjustable weights held underneath which can help you find the perfect natural weight of the Logitech G5, making sure your gameplay feels as natural as possible.

The Laser in in the Logitech G5 gaming mouse is an actual laser, and much more accurate than the LED's used in most ball-free mice.This laser allows you to reach 2000 dpi accuracy, more than any other USB gaming mouse on the market.

The great thing about the Logitech G5 is that you have a customizable panel with the provided software which can let you choose any resolution between 500 and 2000 which can be changed on the fly with two buttons just below the scroll wheel. This is perfect for when you need to switch to sniping from close range combat.  A unique feature of the Logitech G5 and G7 is that you the vertical and horizontal resolutions can be changed independently.  This is a massive help when trying to fine tune your gaming mouse to your personal play style.

The scroll wheel on the Logitech G5 USB gaming mouse is tilt enabled, this is great for scrolling through text, but with the Logitech control panel you can easily change it to functions such as weapon swap.  This does make pressing down on the middle button a little more difficult, but all in all it is a great feature.

All the buttons on the Logitech G6 can have their buttons assigned to any function you require.

The downside of the Logitech G5 is that it is exclusively for right handed people. The shape is very comfortable if you are right handed, but it makes it unmanageable for left handed gamers.

Logitech G5 Control Panel

Logitec G5 Software
Logitec G5 Software

Conclusion on the Logitech G5 Review

The Logitech G5 is an amazing piece of gaming hardware. It has all the features a gamer could need, and a sensitivity which gives you a slight edge over your opponents in online games.

If you are looking for a gaming mice then the Logitech G5 is quite simply the best USB gaming mouse that you can buy. While it costs a little more than some other gaming mice, I will guarantee that you will notice the difference as soon as you plug it in.


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      ocbill 7 years ago from hopefully somewhere peaceful and nice

      an accurate mouse is a necessity for me. Nice hub.