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Logitech G910 Keyboard Review

Updated on December 12, 2014

If you're reading this just now, you'll have used some sort of keyboard to access it. Be it the onscreen keyboard that you have on your tablet, phone or phablet, a dedicated keyboard for your PC or even the one that comes built into your laptop. Regardless of what form you used to get here, you'll most likely know that not every keyboard is the same.

Of course it depends on what your purpose is for the keyboard, with people opting for different models depending if they're using it for writing, or for gaming. However as of late the trend has been to incorporate both functions with key switches that have a long 'shelf life'. After numerous offerings from Corsair with their Cherry MX switches, Logitech have brought their latest gaming keyboard to the market dubbed as the Logitech G910 Orion Spark.

Speed up your work and play

As you'd expect form a reputable brand like Logitech, the G910 feels and also performs like a premium product. Instead of using Cherry MX switches, they've opted for Romer G switches. The performance gain in terms of key actuation is quoted as 25%. This is based on the way the swtiches work in that you don't need to push them down as far in order to get the required response on screen. This may not sound like much, but when it comes to typing out long documents (such as this Hub), or when playing competitive games online, that edge in speed really does make a huge difference.

This is really due to you being able to move onto your next keypress a lot sooner than you could on a different keyboard, so it could actually make you more productive. Coupled with this is the fact that the key caps also have a special molding on them so that your finger is always in the centre of the key. Again, this may not sound like much, but when you've been using this feature it feels almost alien to go back to a keyboard that doesn't have this feature. Personally, this made my typing a lot faster in conjunction with the improved Romer G switches.

Further added to this is the anti ghosting technology employed in the keyboard. Whilst this isn't really an issue when it comes to typing, this really comes into play (no pun intended) when you're playing games. On a conventional keyboard it's normally the case that up to three simultaneous key presses would be all you could do. However in games such as Warcraft this can pose a problem since you'll need more than three presses at the same time. Thankfully Logitech have incorporated technology into this unit so you can have 131 keypresses at the same time! Not that you'd ever need to do that but it's always nice to know that the option is always there. To further add to this, there are several macro keys included so you can program in your most used button presses, something which I'll certainly be using for the upcoming Street Fighter V when it comes to special moves.

A keyboard that's built to last

The keyboard itself is made of high quality plastic as you'd expect from a premium product, with it connecting to your computer via USB. One extra on the cable that I thought was a nice touch was the connection coming from the keyboard in that it's a special mold around it so that it can be tugged without being damaged. Not that you should be doing this anyway.

Likewise, with the use of the aforementioned Romer G switches the keys are quoted to be able to withstand up to 70 million key presses. Of course many factors can impact this including how rough you treat the keyboard, but this is an impressive figure for such a competitively priced keyboard. Certainly after a rigorous testing (albeit not in the region of 70 million key strokes), the keys felt as new as they did it had been unwrapped. This should be especially comforting to those in the competitive scene, however this could also be seen as a positive for people in offices as well that want a keyboard that looks great (more on that below) as well as feeling great and can take a lot of beating before giving up.

Of course, given the nature of this device one of the most important considerations away from its use is how comfortable it actually is. Not only do you get an extremely comfortable wrist rest but the key caps have not only been built for speed, but also for comfort. Even after a marathon gaming session, I didn't experience painful wrists or fingers, immediately after or even the day later.

Pimp it out to the max!

Since it's a gaming keyboard it should be of no shock that you can customise the backlights on the keys. This is a full on level of customisation here and not simply locked into a solid block of colours for the full deck. Perhaps you'd like to have a different colour for each quarter of the keyboard? This is fully possible, and you can even select the different shades of your selected colour. Logitech are touting that there are up to 16.8 milion different combinations and whilst I never went that in depth with it, from the options I did use, it certinly did make the keys pop.

Moreover, you can select the profile for how you want the keys to be lit, be it fully solid colour or a more sedate and relaxing 'breathing effect'. Since this is a software option, you can change these on the fly as well as being able to expect Logitech to update the software to add more options to the colour customisation.

The Verdict

The Logitech G910 Orion Spark is an amazing keyboard. Not only is it a joy to use, but it's also a beautiful looking piece of kit and something that everyone that's into games should strongly consider in investing in.


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