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M-Edge Platform Amazon Kindle Jacket for Hands Free Reading

Updated on April 2, 2010


The Amazon Kindle is an electronic reading device that serves many purposes. Books can be downloaded on the fly, newspapers can be downloaded overnight for your reading pleasure first thing every morning and they can be a superior research device. Whether you are an individual that enjoys the written word, a student that prefers not to carry a bag full of books to every class or a professional writer that needs up to the moment information from multiple blogs – the Amazon Kindle is an awesome device.

Hands Free Reading on the Amazon Kindle

If your circumstances require that you have both hands free while reading your Kindle there is a need to prop it up. An option could include a bookstand but a better option would be the M-Edge Platform Kindle Jacket. Not only does the M-Edge Platform Jacket protect your Kindle from damage it also serves as a bookstand – or should I say – a Kindle stand.

The M-Edge Platform Kindle Jacket is available in multiple colors in both genuine leather and synthetic leather. It resembles the M-Edge Prodigy Kindle Jacket except that it opens by lifting the front cover up instead of over to the side.

The inside of the M-Edge Platform is a light grey suede-like finish with a few small pockets that could accommodate an SD card, a credit card or even a note card. I would not pack anything thick in these pockets due to pressure it would put on the Kindle device. There is a pocket intended for the e-Luminator book light although it is not included.

The Kindle fits into the M-Edge Platform Jacket slightly off center. The extra space on the left hand side leaves room for the e-Luminator.

The outside cover of the M-Edge Platform Kindle Jacket it firm yet it is soft to the touch. The same strap system is used as on the M-Edge Prodigy Jacket except that it is sewn on in a different direction. The design allows you to flip the front cover to the back and by inserting the end of the strap into the closure on the front cover it forms a book stand.

The Kindle is held in the M-Edge Platform by 4 corner straps. All controls are in the open and can be easily reached. One exception is the on and off buttons. Simply slip the top right corner strap off and slip your finger between the kindle and the Platform Jacket – then push the button.

Color is an important part of our identity. There are so many colors available with the M-Edge Platform Jacket that anyone should be able to find the perfect one for them.

Smooth Leather – Marbled Red, Mocha, Fuchsia, Jade Green and Sapphire Blue

Pebbled Leather – Fuchsia, Purple, Navy Blue, Saddle Brown, Cream with Saddle, Mocha with Saddle and Grey with Black

Synthetic Leather – Black, Royal Blue, Red, Camel and Mocha Brown


The M-Edge Platform Kindle Jacket is great for those that want to read their Kindle without needing to hold it. It is also great for those that like to remove their Kindle from the jacket since there are only the four little straps at the corners that hold it in.



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