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M-Edge Prodigy Amazon Kindle Jacket with Hinge System

Updated on June 21, 2015

The Latest Generation 6 inch Amazon Kindle is beautifully slim and modern looking. It is important to the owners to keep them looking that way. A good case is important to keep the Kindle free of scratches and worn marks that come from rubbing against other tech gadgets in your bag.

There are numerous cases specifically designed to house the Amazon Kindle. Since the Kindle is available in both the 6 inch and the 9.7 inch size there are also cases that accommodate both sizes. The case that is right for you will depend on how you like to use your Kindle.

Needs for the Busy and on the Run Amazon Kindle Owners

For the busy and always on the go Kindle owners it is important to provide a safe and secure case that will allow for the quick moments available to read a few paragraphs. The time it takes to remove and return it to your bag has to be minimal.

M-Edge Features both Beautiful and Secure

The M-Edge Prodigy Jacket has a few features that may work very well for anyone that wants to read on the go. From the look and feel of the case to the secure clipping device on the inside the M-Edge Jacket not only protects the Kindle but look stylish doing it.

The outside covers of this case are strong without being too thick. As a visual – imagine the thickness of the Kindle doubled. Multiple colors are available in both smooth and pebbled leather. In contrast the inside of all of the cases are lined with soft grey suede-like leather.

A few small pockets are sewn into the inside front cover for small things such as SD cards, credit cards or note cards. There is a slot sewn into the top inside (back) cover to accommodate an e-illuminator LED reading light. Along the spine of the M-Edge Kindle Cover are two small metal hooks designed to fit into the corresponding slots on the left hand edge of the Kindle. To further secure the Kindle there are two small corner straps to secure the right hand side of the Kindle.

Opening and closing the case is fast and easy. There are no clips or buckles to fumble with. A simple leather strap keeps the Kindle safe and secure. The contrasting gray leather strap is sewn from the front to the back of the case. The tip of the strap is left loose and is designed to neatly tuck into a space left open on the front of the jacket.

M-Edge Prodigy Jacket Colors

Smooth Leather - Red with red strap, purple with purple strap, green with green strap, pink with pink strap, blue with blue strap, black with black strap.

Pebble Leather - Grey with black strap, tan with tan strap, white with tan strap, brown with tan strap, brown with brown strap, navy blue with blue strap.

How to Read the Kindle inside the M-Edge Prodigy Jacket

If there is a down side to the M-Edge Prodigy Jacket it would be that the on and off buttons located on the back of the Kindle is hidden while in the case. It is not a huge issue though. Simply pull back the top corner strap – reach your finger inside the case – push the button.

The front cover of the Jacket can fold completely to the back. However, there have been reports that doing so can place enough pressure on the bottom clip that hairline cracks can happen on the Kindle that require a screen replacement.

When finished reading, simply close the case, slip the tip of the strap into its specially designed slot and you are ready to go.


The M-Edge Prodigy Jacket will most likely please those that like to keep their Kindle device securely attached to the case.

However, those that like to remove their Kindle from the jacket regularly would probably not like the M-Edge Prodigy Jacket as well.


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    • delrond profile image

      delrond 7 years ago

      Nice writeup! I am planning to do some reviews of this particular case in the next few days. Will be sure to link back to your hub.