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10 Reasons Macs Are Better Than PC's

Updated on September 3, 2009

I’ll be honest with you – the few Macs I’d seen in the past did not leave a good impression on me. I found them hideously unattractive, cold in appearance and just plain dull. That sounds pretty girlie, I admit, but when you are looking at computer 16 hours a day and need to be creative, it helps to look at something pretty. PCs were never gorgeous, but they were more attractive. To me, anyway.

Last week my PC died for the umpteenth time and I just couldn’t take it anymore. I went out and bought myself an iMac. At the time, I was only interested in buying something that wouldn’t crash on me every day, break down every month, or need constant virus retrieval. I would have been happy with something from 1970, if it would stay operational long enough for me to type more than 200 words a day. Well, take a lookie at all the wonderfully unexpected pluses I have since discovered.

It Worked Straight Out of the Box.

That is not an exaggeration! I brought it home, plugged it in, connected 4 cables: keyboard, mouse, printer, power supply. I turned it on, let the OS set up (very fast), connected my internet cable – and it worked. I was online less than 20 min after I got home. Can you believe that? I didn’t have to install drivers or anything else that my PC had required. Amazing!

MS Office Works/Looks Better on a Mac

This is aesthetic, I realize, but MS Word is beautiful on a Mac. It’s a nice plus for someone like me who writes a lot. It doesn’t take 5 hours to save a document, it doesn’t freeze up, it doesn’t do anything of the obnoxious things it does on a PC.

The Keyboard is the Best One Around

I’m talking about the action on the keys themselves. They are made of something soft, yet firm and are very responsive to touch. They keys are a little closer together than my old keyboard, but I got used to it after a day or so and am back to normal typing speed.

Note: The Macbook has the same keys – you won’t find a better laptop keyboard.


My PC was so frigging noisy it was ridiculous. The fan was loud, loud, loud. I thought this was just a normal computer thing. Nope. My iMac is absolutely silent, unless I have something playing on it – in which case the machine is silent and I only hear what I want to hear from the speakers.

The Monitor and Computer are Combined

This is so cool. I have a flat screen monitor that IS my computer. Everything connects in the back and the CD drive is on the side. What a space saver, ohmigod.

It’s Fast.

I don’t have to sit around for 5 minutes while my computer starts up anymore. Press the On button and voila. It’s quite impressive. It’s also fast in terms of everything else. Excellent speed.

Macs Rarely Get Viruses.

I didn’t know this before last week. I bet loads of people don’t know this – if they did, why would they continue to subject themselves to Bill Gate’s enemies? You don’t need antivirus protection and that saves you money.

You Can Make It Pretty.

I was thrilled to find out I could use the same Firefox themes I used on my PC – and that makes most of your computer’s screen appearance, right there. The toolbar is resizable, and you can move it left, right or center. And everything is just more colorful, somehow. Very artsy looking.

It Comes With Built-in Speakers That Sound Fantastic.

I was stunned by the quality of my speakers. Really, there is no other word for it. I love listening to music on this thing.

It Comes With a Built-in Camera/Microphone.

I’m not a big Skype person, but this is pretty handy for people who chat over the internet. You can even take still shots of yourself with the camera and upload them as jpegs. It’s quite nifty, really. Well, there you are. Obviously I’m not a computer genius and I’m just listing the points I notice as a computer user. And I can honestly tell you, this thing is fantastic. I feel like I went from 1990 to 2010 overnight.

xx Isabella


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