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Magnasonic Projection Clock MAG-MM178K--Best of 2017

Updated on January 7, 2017

If you are anything like me, you have childhood fantasies about holographic projections you could only enjoy on films such as Star Trek. This nifty clock radio will get you close to such awesomeness. The manufacturer is called Magnasonic, and yes it sounds a little bit like Panasonic sliced with a bit of Magnavox, but this company still makes a quality product.

How Does it Work?

The projection feature is really what makes this clock radio a bestseller. You can set the clock to project on your wall or ceiling, and even adjust the brightness of the projection. Like many other alarm radios, you can set it to awaken you with radio or buzzer tone.

To make this clock even more user-friendly, it comes with pre-configured factory time. Because this is a smart radio, you simply just tell them your time zone and it will set the accurate time automatically. Adding to its value, is the fact that it has a long life battery and still retain the time even in the case of a power outage. So all you have to do is set it once you're time is always dead on accurate.

Your Wall or Ceiling Becomes a Huge Display

As I stated earlier, the MAG-MM178K has a projector that blasts the timeline onto a wall or ceiling in big bold blue numbers. In fact, the projector swivels and tilts 180 degrees. So the possibilities are endless for where you can project this clock. The large back-lit LCD display will dim automatically when the clock is not being used.

Is it the aforementioned features were awesome enough, this clock has built-in infrared sensors that can tell when your hand is near and allow you to control certain features. Gone are the days of the old snooze button. I just wave your hand near the top of the clock and alarm will shut off for nine more minutes. Other actions you can take without touching anything are as follows: sleep timer activation, alarm setting display, or display of the current radio station that is playing. And if that was not enough, you can even make the screen brighter. All of this can be done hands-free. It is a beautiful thing.

Addicted to Your Ipod or MP3 Player?

You can stay as connected as you want to with this baby. The clock includes an auxiliary input (3.55 mm jack). This will allow you to connect to your favorite audio source such as iPhone, iPod, or MP3 player.

Like to Sleep in on Weekends?

Do you like to sleep in on Saturday or Sunday? The Magnasonic Projection Clock has you covered. You can disable alarms on weekends… automatically. The dual alarm feature also allows you to set two separate wake times. Basically, you can set your alarm schedule once and forget all about it.

Temperature and Calendar Date Display

To wrap up all the cool features this clock radio sports, it will show you the current indoor temperature as well as the day, month, and year

Overview of the Magnasonic Projector Clock

Where the Rubber Meets the Road

In spite of the apparent "coolness factor" of this popular gadget, how does it perform in the real world?

  • Sound quality is surprisingly good for such a small radio.
  • Even though this clock sounds like a Magnavox/Panasonic wannabe, it is quite well made. It doesn't have the look and feel of typical Chinese-made junk.
  • Some users say the display is too bright, even on the lowest setting. In reality, you can tilt the projector to shoot at an angle that is less annoying

    Overall this is a top-quality, fun projector clock/radio that performs as promised.


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