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Media Temple - Examining their web hosting services

Updated on June 7, 2014

What is a web host?

For those that are new to web site development, we'll start off with one of the most asked questions around this topic, "What is a web host?" Web hosting relates to a company that gives your website a space on the internet. This is brought about by you utilising space on their servers and allows you to install web development platforms (such as WordPress) onto this server so that the site can run.

This is a mandatory step needed before you begin making a website, so it's important you choose the correct host.

Media Temple - A variation of packages

There are various types of hosting companies, and of course they will vary in price depending on the features that they offer.
Media Temple have been around for well over 15 years, which is no mean feat in itself. When it comes to hosting your website with them, you're not shoehorned into a one size fits all category. This is great for two reasons. Firstly, by having various plans available, you can choose a plan that most equates to your needs in that an e-commerce site will need a lot more bandwidth than a simple blog will. Secondly, since they offer numerous packages, if you only needed a barebones service, you'll never be charged a large sum of money for services you won't need.

Currently, Media Temple has four main packages, as well as giving you the option to buy your domain name.

1) Basic web hosting - This option gives users 1TB of bandwidth each month, along with 100GB of SSD storage ensuring that you get lightning fast speeds.

2) Wordpress hosting – This package is ideal for those using the WordPress platform since its servers are designed solely for this use, and no other sites are hosted through these servers. Due to this, you’re given great peace of mind in that you won’t experience downtime on your site, which would otherwise result in people not seeing your site. This option has unlimited bandwith so you can get unlimited visitors each month without your site slowing down. Even better, every time there’s a major update to WordPress, these updates will be taken care of for you.

3) VPS hosting – When it comes to VPS, this can be used for e-commerce sites, as well as those that are re-selling hosting. VPS from Media Temple has two main control panels for you to choose from, as well as you having the option to install well over 2,00 applications directly onto the server.

4) Managed hosting – This is the ultimate package and is ideally aimed at those that have their own business. With managed hosting, everything regarding the maintenance of the hosting is taken care of for you. This is a much cheaper option than having your own system administration team and with Media Temple, you’re given a guaranteed that if your website is down, you’ll get a 20% discount for every 20 minutes that your website is down for.
Further, you’re given priority technical phone support to ensure that even if you have any small queries that you’ll be taken care for as soon as possible.

Paying for your hosting needn't cost the Earth

When it comes to paying for your webhosting, Media Temple allows you two options. You can either pay your hosting monthly and the money will be debited at the same time each month from your account. Alternatively you can pay up the whole year's hosting in one go. By doing so, you'll get a small discount on the total overall cost of the years hosting.

The choice is ultimately yours, but we'd recommend that you pay up in one go since you'll get a discount as well as knowing that your hosting is secure for a whole year, rather than having to worry if you'll have the money in the account by the time each billing date comes around.

Even better, another way to save money when buying your hosting is to use Media Temple coupons. Thankfully, Media Temple has the customers bottom line in mind and therefore they frequently use money off coupons to help ease the financial outlay that customers need to invest in their business. These are recurring offers and therefore if you miss one, you'll be able to get another one again soon.


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