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Micromax A56 Superfone Ninja2 – Personal Review

Updated on April 4, 2013
Micromax A56 Ninja 2 Superfone Android
Micromax A56 Ninja 2 Superfone Android

Micromax A56 Review

Price: Rs. 5700 to 5990

Micromax A56 Superfone is not the iPhone 5, we all know that and you should have not to expect iPhone 5 like quality in just 6000 INR. No, don’t worry; this is the only page of this review. Then I think you are wondering what kind of first line is this of a review- straight to the point without any introduction! Well, Micromax A56 is such a phone which need not have such long introductions ( besides I am not paid by MMX to start a flowery introduction).

Just for the novice readers I must say that Micromax A56 is one of the cheap android offerings by the major Indian mobile manufacturer Micromax. This is one of the “Superfone”s which the company is trying to project aggressively. It is now giving the major international brands tough fight by bringing low cost, affordable Android phones packed with features.

Micromax A56 is the successor of A50. The Superfone A50 is a success for the company. A56 is also for capturing the Indian youth who have not money enough to buy high end smartphones but want to taste the flavor of android.

Let us discuss about the phone.

Micromax Ninja 2

Micromax A56 Ninja2
Micromax A56 Ninja2


Micromax Superfone Ninja 2 sports a decent 3.5 inches screen. The resoulution of this screen is 360 x 480. The display dpi is almost 171. The screen looks good. The color reproduction is satisfactory for such a low priced device.

Hena, a beauty of 24 years old, is my friend who wanted to buy one Ninja2. (Do you know that the designs of Micromax have popularity among the ladies?). She was a bit confused about the display res. She asked me how the pictures would look at this screen (especially her own Aish like beauty). I told her to not to worry and go for the A56. Which she did and now she is happy with the screen of this phone. It is a good news folks, making beautiful girls happy is cheaper now!

The touch response of A56 is good, but it is not as buttery smooth as Samsung Galaxy SIII ( to tell you the truth I have only once or twice touched a SGSIII, because I have not so much money for buying a toy). No, it is not for any fault of the screen, the touch response depends upon the operating system and the processing power of the device, in which grounds MMX A56 is not close to the high end devices.

Build Quality:

If you wanted to get an aluminum made mobile phone with silvery coatings and front bullet proof glass shielding with a thickness of less than 10 mm then you shall have to spend more than 50,000 rupees or have to sell an eye or a kidney. If you wanted to furnish only Rs. 6000 then you should not expect much high build quality but this phone’s design and build quality is decent.

The phone is only 11.5 mm thick which is great (like the thin waist of Hena, sigh!). The phone is less than 100 grams and so it feels light weight. Because of slim profile and less weight this phone is very comfortable to handle.

The front face of the phone has no buttons. There is a volume rocker button on the left edge of the phone and the power button is on the right. The powers are hard to press. There is an USB port on the bottom and a 3.5 mm headphone jack on the top.

The back side of the phone is textured. So, this phone will not sleep easily from hand to the ground (aha! My Samsung Galaxy Ace! Boohoo!). There are two SIM card slots under the battery. The SIM slots are place one above another. The lower slot (i.e. the ground floor) supports 3G but the upper slot does not. The micro SD card is not hot swappable.

The Micromax A56 Ninja2 offers you two additional back covers free. It has…. What? I am not going to tell such boring things now, let’s go to the next topic.

Sound and Music

The sound system of this phone is not that good. If you are a music lover than do not expect Nokia Xpress Music like quality from it. There is a headphone supplied by MMX. The quality of the headphone is such that you cannot separate the voice of Big B from Amisha Patel. You may resell this headphone to me but I shall not give you more than Rs.10 for it.


There is a 3MP camera on A56. The quality of the camera ranges from poor to bad. The photos taken in bright sunlight are somewhat watchable but the picture quality is more than bad at night. There is no flash and the camera is fixed focus; Nothing more to say.

The performance of Micromax A56 is decent
The performance of Micromax A56 is decent


Micromax Ninja 2 has a 800 MHz Qualcomm processor. There is a 256 MB RAM. After leaving space to OS and MMX crapewares you shall only less than 150 MB free RAM to play. The specs shows that you may experience hangs and lags if you opened many apps at once or hoping to play a 3D high quality game. Moreover, there is also no GPU. So do not go for Temple Runs, play only Angry Birds.

If you use less demanding apps then the performance of this phone is decent. The internal memory is only 150MB of which you can only get 90MB free. What does it signify? Hena asked me (she lifted her face and stared straight to me with those beautiful eyes, oh what eyes! Sigh!).

Less than 100 MB internal memory means you cannot install many apps on Ninja2. Yes, with helps to Apps2SD app you can move apps from the internal memory to the SD card. But, still the apps will save some parts of it on the internal memory. So, again I shall say be satisfied with apps with smaller size.

Aisha is there inside this phone to help you. Aisha is the MMX version of SIRI the voice activated assistant to do many things. AISHA is good for us, the Indian English speakers.


The phone sports a 1400 mAH battery. With heavy usage the juice lasted for almost a day. The battery performance is not very good. You shall have to charge it every night. MMX boasts a talktime of 4hours and you can get close to it if you do not use any other functions of this smartphone.

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Shall I Buy it or Not?

After reading this Micromax A56 review you may ask : " Shall I buy Micromax A56 or not ?"

The answer is obvious: it depends upon you. If you want to test Android at a low price then you can go for it. This phone is not bad and is very affordable. But if you want top knotch performance then Ninja 2 can disappoint you. If you want to play 3D top graphic heavy games and more RAM hungry apps then you need to go for any better phone.

Micromax A56 Ninja Review : Unboxing Video


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