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Why is Microsoft Surface 3 a useful tablet after all?

Updated on November 24, 2015
New, cute little tablet to replace your laptop
New, cute little tablet to replace your laptop | Source

Finally we can see some improvement from Microsoft. Alongside with Windows 10 there is a cool new Tablet to grab - their new (or should say improved) Surface 3. This little thing is incredibly powerful indeed and has a bunch of cool features. One of the greatest – support of all Windows Programs and Apps you are used to.

Surface 3 is a young brother of Surface Pro 3 – a much more powerful business oriented tablet.

Surface pro 3 - an older brother of the new Surface. More powerful, but also more expensive model
Surface pro 3 - an older brother of the new Surface. More powerful, but also more expensive model | Source


Price tag for a simple model starts with 500$ which is reasonable. There will be only 2GB Ram though, so make sure it’s enough for your needs. It might not satisfy media needs of an average user, especially if used for more than one app at a time. If you need the keyboard – that’s another 130$. So even though Microsoft is trying to position itself in a market for affordable, high quality tablets, getting the whole package may get just a little bit more expensive for an average user.

Technical features

Tablet screen is 10.8 inches, which is perfect for on the go usage. This tablet is supplied with a stand that can be adjusted to 3 different positions. Unlike Surface Pro, where the stand is fully customizable. The look and feel of this little beast is very well crafted and feels good to hold and touch it. When it comes to hardware, it is as powerful as you would expect a laptop be. However, bear in mind that more RAM means more speed and speed is everything nowadays.

Keyboard is not included in original bundle. If needed, be prepared to pay 130$ for it.
Keyboard is not included in original bundle. If needed, be prepared to pay 130$ for it. | Source


Unlike Surface 2, which had windows RT running on it, new Surface 3 will have Windows 10 pre-installed. It’s a big step to move away from RT and Microsoft has done a great job. Compared to Surface Pro 3, this one is much better for using as a tablet. Don’t get confused, it is a tablet, and so is Surface Pro. However, both are so powerful that they can easily replace your laptop.


Here is a nice surprise – for the price you get a full-sized USB port, as well as micro USB. On top of that there is headphone jack, Mini Display Port, microSD card slot, power switch and volume control. Charging your device is made easy – you can use your smartphone charger or even other device.

Everything is Windows!
Everything is Windows! | Source

Battery life

If you are lucky, you might get up to 10 hours of battery life with this tablet. Not as much as the predecessor Surface 2, but decent to get you through the day and maybe even more. Brightness can be adjusted for longer performance.

Surface Pro 4 – next big thing?

It all comes down to what the customers want. And they want longer battery life combined with lower cost. The gold rush for an immortal battery is on and Microsoft is right on top of it.

Surface 3
iPad Air 2
64 or 128 GB
16, 64, 128 GB
10.8 inches, 1,920 x 1,280
9.7 inches, 2048 x 1536
8.7mm thick
6.1mm thick
1.6GHz quad-core
1.5GHz triple core
Battery life
10 hours
10 hours
From 499$
From 599$
New tablet supports stylus and lets you be creative
New tablet supports stylus and lets you be creative | Source


Some thoughts:

  • Microsoft could include the keyboard for free (instead of Office 365).
  • Better display would be nice. For now it is 1,920 x 1,280
  • 4GB Ram could be available as default, starter version

This little powerful tablet could be your power horse and can serve you both as a laptop and a tablet. Seems that it is the direction that things are moving nowadays - creating universal, cross platform devices, capable of everything at once. If you are new to tablets, Surface 3 will most certainly not disappoint you. However, if you have owned an iPad, you might feel its lacking something. Some Apple products seem to be very attractive and people tend to go for them no matter what price tag the have. If that's the case - wait no longer and get yourself an iPad. If you are, however, willing to give Microsoft a chance it deserves, you might be surprised what it has in store for you.


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    • Hanzamfafa profile image

      Mike Leal 

      2 years ago from London

      A very nice review of the Microsoft Surface 3. Thanks for sharing.


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