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BTCUP FM Transmitter with Bluetooth for iPhone and iPod

Updated on July 30, 2013

Sturdy and Secure Handsfree Device

Multiple MP3 players including iPods and iPhones are more popular in some vehicles than expensive stereo systems. To clarify, many drivers prefer listening to their personal music collection or podcasts located on their music players through their expensive stereo system. It is amazing how many gadgets are available to do just that.

Most of these gadgets are similar. They are typically powered via the vehicle’s cigarette lighter, they have a connector that fits a wide range of players and they provide some sort of support system for the player so that it can be controlled easily whether it is buttons, a Touchscreen or a click wheel. The BTCUP is no different – except that it has a unique physical design. It is compact yet it is sturdy enough that you should have no worries that your music player or iPhone being damaged. The BTCUP is designed to set inside most any cup holder in most any vehicle. There is no worry about a suction cup falling off the windshield and there is no brackets that could damage your air conditioner vent.

I like gadgets that offer multiple uses – but only when they do them all well. I want those features to be worthwhile and I want those features to be intuitive. I also appreciate that my particular iPod and my iPhone are included in this gadgets amazing versatility and that I could buy a new iPod Nano or Shuffle and it would work as well.

Bluetooth is the best. I want Bluetooth on all of my gadgets. My Bluetooth wireless headset is great but the automatic switching between music and a phone call is a step above. If you have to grab for the radio volume control while trying to answer a phone call the handsfree feature is pretty much negated. The BTCUP automatically shuts off the music when a phone call is detected. An earphone can be used if you want to have a private conversation.

The BTCUP, by Macally keeps you legal in those states that require handsfree calling, it keeps you safe by automatically switching the music off during a call and it lets passengers enjoy your music over the clearest channel available on the FM spectrum.

Expand the function and enjoyment of an iPhone and iPod with the BTCUP


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    • profile image


      11 years ago

      This looks like a great little unit... it seems theyve thought of most everything... do you know if the FM transmitter is fairly static free? I've bought a few other FM transmitters and never use them cuz they suck... thanks for the great info

    • profile image


      11 years ago

      I want Bluetooth on all of my gadgets also because they are easy to connect at my netbook.


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