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Cheetah GPS Mirror vs GPS Angel Red Light and Speed Trap Camera Alerts

Updated on May 31, 2015


A nearby city is in the planning stages of the installation of cameras to detect speeders and red light runners. Whether I agree with the plan or not it will be instituted eventually. Many larger cities that I have visited already have the automated camera system and thankfully I did not have any issues. That said I do not want to have any issues close to home either. I believe that I need to use my own brand of technology to counteract that of the city government.

GPS is definitely the direction I want to go, Radar detectors are fine but other than speeding past a policeman with a radar gun I want more notification for the things that I cannot see. Previously I reviewed the Cheetah GPS Mirror and now I am reviewing the GPS Angel. Both detect Red Light and Speed Cameras.

Cheetah GPS Mirror

The major difference I noticed first is the design. The Cheetah GPS Mirror fits over the existing rear view mirror while the GPS Angel mounts on the dash (a non-skid bottom). The Cheetah is powered by a cable that plugs into the cigarette lighter (long enough to tuck into the car’s interior creases) and the GPS Angel has a self contained lithium-ion battery pack that lasts for up to 8 hours as well as a cable that plugs into the cigarette lighter. Both come with USB cables that allow you to update the integrated database.

No matter how great either device works you have to be able to read or hear what it tells you. While the Cheetah GPS Mirror displays your speed, your direction and other warnings it also has a voice that talks to you. This is a great feature since it is impossible to become complacent when it is on. In comparison the GPS Angel works much like a radar detector with the multiple beeps and red lights that flash across the front.

Free updates to the built-in data bases are available on both the Cheetah GPS Mirror and the GPS Angel. No subscriptions to pay for - ever. You can also enter your own alert areas if you like.

Both GPS devices are similar and depending on your preferences would work great for their intended purpose. Price is always a consideration and if that it the most important feature the GPS Angel is the winner. Personally I might go with the Cheetah GPS Mirror for a few reasons. I like having the voice warnings and I like that it actually improves the vision than my rear-view mirror.

It is great that there are such devices to help us stay safe and that may save us some cash in the future.

GPS Angel


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