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Crystal Bling for Netbooks and Cell Phones

Updated on May 31, 2015


A little Bling can go along way toward making your Netbook uniquely yours. I was unable to wait for the new colorful Netbooks so mine is black. I like it very much but it would be fun to dress is up sometimes. Now I am having a difficult time choosing a designer cover for it.

MobileBling has gone over the top with their designs. There are animal prints, color gradations, checks, skull and bones and even an alien. The written word does not give these covers – some may call them skins – justice. According to their descriptions they will remind you of Swarovski Crystals due to the thousands of colored glass crystals making up the design.

Some MobileBling covers fit netbooks from 7 inches to 8.9 inches. Others fit netbooks that measure up to 10 inches. They are easily applied and can be peeled off whenever you like without leaving any sticky residue.

If you want to sit in the local coffee shop and take advantage of a hotspot expect to be noticed. No hiding in the corner because with the sparkles that will flash from your netbook you will probably draw attention.


Bling does not stop with your netbook. Cell phone charms add Bling to your cell phone. Charms from Hello Kitty, TrendToGo and Lucky Balance are some of the most common.

Cell phone Bling comes as cases that your cell phone wears or as separate self-sticking crystals that you can place where you want them. There are also sticker type covers much like those from MobileBling covers for netbooks. Generic offers a Pink Bling Crystal Cover for the Motorola V3 RAZR phone. For those that just want a little Bling, there are stickers by Aimo.

If you get into the Bling thing you can match the colored crystals that cover your netbook and cell phone. Who could resist stopping by to admire the shine?


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      kayla 7 years ago

      is there any pink on black ?