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Friction or Beanbag GPS Mount Keeps GPS Portable

Updated on July 11, 2014

Friction Dash Mounts designed for Garmin and other GPS devices seem to be the most unobtrusive type of mounts on the market today. With states such as California and Minnesota disallowing windshield mounts there has to be an alternative to suction cup and permanent mounts. Suction cups are difficult to use and sometimes releases from the windshield in very hot or very cold temperatures. Permanent mounts cause damage to the vehicle’s interior.

 Some call the friction dash mount a beanbag dash mount. The reason they work so well is that they are weighted (some with actual beans) and have a non-skid surface so they do not slip once placed onto a dash or other surface within the vehicle. There is no sticky residue left behind because there is no need to use anything to secure the mount.

There are proprietary Friction Dash Mounts and there are those that work for most any GPS devices. Most mounts will have a connection of some sort that matches up to the GPS device. Others will have a smooth disk in the center that work with any suction mount that you already own.

If looks are more important than function the Friction Dash Mount may not be to your liking. If you can come to grips with the size and somewhat strange design you will find more than a few benefits.


  • Friction Dash Mounts stay put. They do not slide when you turn a corner. They do not slip forward or backwards when stopping fast or when accelerating fast.
  • Friction Dash Mounts can be placed on the dash, the console or just about any other location you prefer. The mount conforms to the surface.
  • Friction Dash Mounts can be moved easily – whether within a vehicle or to a different vehicle.
  • Friction Dash Mounts leave nothing behind when you slide it into the glove compartment or underneath the seat. Other mounts stay in place even when you remove the GPS which leaves thieves the notion that the GPS is somewhere inside the car.


Confusion about which mount is right for which GPS device is common so it is important to understand compatibility between the Friction Dash Mount and your GPS. Some Friction Dash Mounts are sold with specific mounting brackets while others depend on you providing the mounting bracket. I suggest buying a friction mount that has the smooth center disk that accepts the mounts from multiple different GPS models.


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