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Mobile Gadgets: LG Slim 8X DVD-+RW USB External Drive with LightScribe and SecureDisc Technology

Updated on March 16, 2011

Small laptops and netbooks are all the rage. Each has most everything needed to get on the Internet, to video conference, to stay up to date on social networking sites and to get work done on the go. There is one thing missing though. There is no room for an internal CD-DVD drive.

I continually tell myself that a CD-DVD drive is not really necessary – but each time I am convinced the need arises. That is what sent me on the hunt for a small, compact and capable external drive.

LG offers an external USB powered (no power cords) DVD-RW Drive with a twist. LightScribe is built-in. Why is that important? Well, maybe it is not a totally necessary feature but it is really cool.

By using a LightScribe disc a laser label and or picture can be printed directly on the disc without the use of paper labels.

If LightScribe is not enough bling then there is also SecureDisc Technology. For anyone wishing to secure their data this is a must. Some of the security features added to your DVDs will be Password Protection, a Digital Signature, a Data Integrity Check, Data Reliability and Copy Protection.

We are all familiar with Password Protection but what do these other features mean?

  • Digital Signature – this verifies the origin of the data on the disc. If you need to prove the data is original the use of a public key that matches the private key gives authenticity.
  • Data Integrity Check – Data is checked for alterations that may have occurred over time. If the disc is deteriorating you will be warned so that you can make another copy of your data
  • Data Reliability – Incase of a disaster data may be easier to retrieve
  • Copy Protection – You can prevent others from coping PDF files.

These features are not available on just any DVD Drive. The combination of a SecureDisc Capable Drive (as this one is) and the included Nero Disc Burning Software you can protect your sensitive data in multiple ways. So although your new svelte laptop does not have room for a DVD drive there are options, The LG Slim 8x DVD+-RW USB External Drive with LightScribe is a great choice – and it looks good too.


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