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Mobile Ibibo

Updated on February 16, 2012

Ibibo Mobile

Ibibo for Mobile
Ibibo for Mobile

Ibibo on Mobile

You can use and surf your favorite social network on your mobile phone. Using on mobile phone is totally free of cost. Only the standard Mobile Internet data charges would be applied. The best thing I have seen on Mobile Ibibo is that it offers free sms sending facility and games. Games are made compatible with a small screen of mobile phone. Mobile Ibibo is available at this address This address would lead you to the mobile interface of the has made compatible with a small screen of your mobile phone at Stay connected with your friends, send free sms, play games, check ibibo mails on your mobile phone with Ibibo Mobile. You can Update your Ibibo status. Get a view of the Ibibo Friends News on your mobile by using Ibibo on mobile. You can also comment on the news of your friend, thump-up his news or can get the similar stories like your favorite news. All these things are possible on the small screen of your mobile phone, with the use of Ibibo on Mobile. That is, Ibibo Mobile.

Mobile Ibibo

There are some more things that you can do with Mobile Ibibo. Below are some things that you can do with Ibibo Mobile.

  • Upload Photos: You can upload your photos on the go at by using your mobile phone. You just have to select a photo from your mobile, add some description about it and upload!
  • Phonebook: This is a very good service that ibibo offers. You can create your online phonebook at It's very easy to make a call from your mobile by using mobile Ibibo.
  • Messages: Stay connected with your friends via Ibibo messages.
  • Chat now: Create your own private chat room with this feature.
  • Find friends: Find your friends on
  • Invite friends: Invite your friends to

Ibibo Mobile Apps

Ibibo offers a range of mobile applications including some most exciting applications, like free call, free sms etc. Below, I am going to give a list of Ibibo mobile applications.

  • Airtel isinger Contest: Record with India's leading music directors.
  • Free Calls: Call your Ibibo friends for free of cost.
  • Follow cool celebrities: You may follow some cool celebrities like Mallika Sherawat.
  • Free SMS: Send free sms to your friends.
  • Gift Ringtones: Download and gift ringtones for free.
  • Ask a Question: Ask and answer a question from any topic, subject or category.
  • Chatrooms: Chat in private or public chatrooms with Ibibo friends of Gtalk contacts.
  • Compatibility Calculator: This is a kind of love calculator.
  • Cricket: Get an access to the live cricket scores.
  • Photos: Upload and share photos with real friends.

So, these are some more things that you can do with Mobile Ibibo.

I hope you found this article helpful. Please share it with your friends by using sharing options given at the end of this article.


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