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Mobile Phone Recycling in UK

Updated on June 3, 2011
Mobile Phone Recycling is a big business in UK
Mobile Phone Recycling is a big business in UK

Practice of trading your current phone for a new one

Mobile phone recycling is a term primarily used by people in UK to describe the practice of trading your current mobile phone for another superior one or getting cash for your old phones. This is a very cost effective way to get your hands on the latest mobile phones to hit the market and it is also a good way to earn some cash by trading your fancy phone for less fancy one. For a latest phone like the iPhone or the Samsung Galaxy you can earn hundreds of pounds and for older models you are likely to get less. The amount you will get most likely depends on the demand for the mobile type and working condition of your mobile. For a not working phone you are likely to get about 40% of the price of a working phone.

The surprising fact is that 33% of the mobile users in UK have no idea that they can get cash for there mobile phones. There are various ways you can recycle your mobile phone and in this article I will discuss how you can use it for charity and also how you can get best possible price from mobile recycling.

Environmental and Social Benefits

Although you can gain some good money from mobile phone recycling there are lots of environmental and social benefits as well. On average a person in UK, Canada and America uses a mobile phone for about 15-18 months. So the unused mobile phones are growing at a rapid rate. Not only that these mobile phones have material like lead and mercury which are dangerous to your health. Most of the phone recycling companies recycle handsets according to EU regulations. so you will be contributing to protect the environment while making some cash.

Some of the more usable phones are refurbished and sold to third world countries for a reasonable price, improving the quality of communication in those developing countries. In fact there are charity organizations that provide this service so if you are in a giving mood you can always recycle your phone through them.

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    • profile image

      vinsanity 6 years ago

      Cell phones and all other electronics should be recycled. So many phones could be reused and we could cut back on trash.