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Modmyi Forum Review | HubPages

Updated on April 26, 2015 also know in the Apple/Mac community as MMI is a website that provides information about Apple/Mac products.One of the popular pages of the web site is the forums. Owner/Founders Cody Overcash - aka cash7c3 and Kyle Mattews - aka poetic_folly of the modmyi web site provide some of the latest news updates, do reviews on various products and have a large forum community well over 1/2 million registered users. The site also has downloads, all sorts of guides to help iPhone, iPad, and iPod users, and has links to Cydia Apps. Modmyi serves as a Cydia repository for developers to submit apps, themes, and skins to Cydia.

Clearly Marked tabs

The site has a sharp layout with a clean appearance and clearly marked tabs. This is a plus when trying to get to a certain area of a web site without having to search very hard to find places on the site like the discussion forums or other popular areas that the site may have to offer.

Diving into the Forums

Navigating to the forums tab immediately takes us to the sections page of the forums. Here we can find the different forums by section. The most recent sections are iPhone forums, iPad forums, iPod forums, Apple/Mac, and MMI forums. Under each of these forum sections are sub-forums that help provide a more organized collection of threads for each section by topic. By default the most recent thread with the last reply is listed on top.

Forums by Section

The different forum sections have a classy selection of sub-forums making it very easy to select a more specified detail of the topics and threads of interest.

More Than Just a Forum

What sets modmyi forums apart from other apple product related forums is that modmyi also has many discussions on "Jailbreaking" Jailbreaking is none other than the term used to unlock features that apple has not yet released to the public. This unlock or jailbreak was determined to be totally legal which from the beginning most assumed would come about.

In whole is more than just a forum. The wealth of information that the community provides to its users by staying on top of the latest upgrades, updates, and unlocks providing links to themes and connecting users with developers is what puts modmyi forums at the top of the list of iPhone, iPad, iPod forum communities today.

As a iPhone owner and registered member with Modmyi since July of 2009 I would recommend viewing to read some of the grooviest tips to getting the most out of future apple/mac gadgets.

The site states it is continuously adding and improving its site.

* This is only a review and suggestion to read of the forum mentioned


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