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Motorola Droid vs iPhone Review

Updated on December 12, 2009
Motorola Droid Logo
Motorola Droid Logo

Motorola Droid vs iPhone Comparison

How does the Motorola Droid with Verizon compare with the the iPhone 3GS with AT&T?

Motorola Droid vs iPhone Cost: Both phones cost about $199 with a contract. Both have usage plans that will average from $110-$150 monthly.

Motorola Droid vs iPhone Voice Quality: Both have good voice quality when you have a good network signal. The Motorola Droid benefits from using the reliable Verizon network. The Motorola Droid has a speaker phone which can be louder than the iPhone.

Motorola Droid vs iPhone Image Quality: Both have similar image quality. The Motorola Droid has a better resolution for video capture.

Motorola Droid vs iPhone Ports: Motorola Droid has a standard micro-USB port. The iPhone must use Apple's docking port.

Motorola Droid vs iPhone Size: Both are similar in size. The Motorola Droid has a sliding mechanism, which makes it noticeably heavier.

Motorola Droid vs iPhone Applications: The Android technology allows the Motorola Droid to multitask and offers greater flexibility.

Motorola Droid vs iPhone Comparison Video

Motorola Droid Vs iPhone Comparison Table

Motorola Droid
iPhone 3GS
Camera Megapixels
What's that?
Large, growing Android Market
Must use iTunes Store
Physical keyboard
Virtual Keyboard

Motorola Droid Vs iPhone - The Motorola Droid Wins!

Cartoon from
Cartoon from

Motorola Droid vs iPhone Video

The New Motorola Droid
The New Motorola Droid

Can the Motorola Droid Compete with a Sexy iPhone?

Lets compare the Motorola Droid vs iPhone. First, here are the Droid's features. The Motorola Droid a855 is a high-end CDMA smartphone with Android technology. It offers users a choice of applications for calling, texting, internet browsing, music, and photography. The Motorola Droid became retails for $199.99. In Europe, it is launched as the Motorola Milestone with slightly different features.

Motorola Droid Capabilities

The new Motorola Droid:

  • Has high speed web browsing
  • Can run multiple applications
  • Has Google Search by Voice technology
  • Uses a Notification Panel to minimize disruptions
  • Has Image editing tools for the camera
  • Has email, voice mail, and instant messaging

The New Motorola Droid
The New Motorola Droid

Motorola Droid Features

Motorola Droid Physical Features

  • Screen: 3.7inch high resolution touch screen
  • Thin body with slide-out keyboard
  • Weight: 6 oz
  • Size: 2.4 x 4.6 x 5 inches
  • Battery: Up to 385 minutes of continuous usage
  • Memory: 18GB installed, supports up to 32 GB microSD expandable
  • Both physical and virtual keyboard

More Motorola Droid Features

  • 5MP camera with 4x digital zoom and built-in flash
  • Camera takes DVD-quality video
  • Camera has auto-focus and image stabilization
  • Supports Bluetooth technology
  • GPS Navigation with turn-by-turn directions
  • Micro USB connector
  • Voice search capability

What Google Services are Supported by Motorola Droid?

The following Google Services are Supported by Motorola Droid:

  • GMAIL™

CNET TV Review of Motorola Droid

The New Motorola Droid
The New Motorola Droid

Motorola Droid Applications

The Motorola Droid comes with some applications, and you can download and install more.  All downloaded applications are stored in the  Motorola Droid memory.

All the applications on the Motorola Droid phone (the applications that came with the phone and the ones downloaded) are listed in alphabetical order in the Application Tray. To open an application, just tap it.

The Motorola Droid can run multiple applications at the same time. There is no need to close one application before opening another one.

Motorola Droid Accessories

Even though the Motorola droid ab55 has just been released, there are several accessories for it.

Popular accessories are protective cases and protective skins. Car chargers and extra connectors are also popular Motorola Droid accessories.

Replacement micro-USB data charge and sync cables are useful for several devices in addition to the Motorola Droid a855.

Motorola Droid can use some Bluetooth accessories.

Soft pouch cases for the Motorola Droid a855 are also a hit.

What is Android?

The Motorola Droid used Android technology. Android 2.0 is a new and improved operating system for a mobile device. It is designed to deliver a personal and customized user experience.

Because of the the Android operating system, the Motorola Droid has a much greater choice of mobile applications for web browsing, music, photography, texting, and calling.

The Android operating system is open to independent developers, so they can more easily create new applications for the Motorola Droid.

How does the Motorola Droid Benefit From Android?

With the Motorola Droid, you can take advantage of web services and enhanced data features made possible by the Android 2.0 technology.

Since Android 2.0 is open to inputs from developers, there should be tremendous innovation seen in this system in the future.

You have the ability to customize your phone exactly the way you want. You choose which applications run on your Motorola Droid.

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What Do You Think About the Motorola Droid? Comment here!

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    • dgicre profile image


      10 years ago from USA

      When Droid goes to US Cellular next month and they come out with 2.2 and specially after hearing of all the problems with the latest iPhone guess it's a no brainer. Thanks for this informative and interesting hub!

    • Dona Rosa profile image

      Dona Rosa 

      11 years ago from Tennessee

      Looking at ipohones, and wishing verizon would get on the ball with one, wow. Although the Droid is awesome :)

    • Carol the Writer profile imageAUTHOR

      Carolyn Blacknall 

      11 years ago from Houston, Texas

      @BringDaRain, There are talks that AT&T may lose the exclusive iPhone contract and that Verizon may be able to support the phones later this year.

    • BringDaRain profile image


      11 years ago from HAWAIIAN ISLANDS

      Verizon by far has spectacular phone selections. My attention was drawn to Verizon phones when the first Envy came out. I love the open/close feature of the Envy, which resembles a laptop, as compared to the slider qwerty keyboard features of other phones on the market.

      I am on the AT&T Network though so I do have an iPhone. In only my opinion, if you stay within the Verizon Network, the Droid is the best Verizon has to offer. If you stay within the AT&T Network then iPhone is the best this carrier has to offer.


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