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Websites Worth Visiting (Highly / Top / Very Recommended)

Updated on October 1, 2016

If you feel there's a website worth adding to the list, please free feel to add your suggestions or message the author!


Simply one of, if not, *the* best site for artists for inspiration / collaboration / sales / feedback and the like. Found within it's doors is a huge variety of artists & artwork, from 10 year old's drawings of power rangers to people working on Dr Who creature prosthetics.

For artists and art lovers alike, found here (all free, though there's a premium option available also).

The Freecycle Network

Showing another great thing the Internet has so far produced in terms of good for everyone that it exists.

If you've never heard of freecycle, the idea is simply that people put up ads for things they no longer want, for free, (sometimes bulky and heavy things that might cost to get removed), and people can also put up wanted ads, all in the understanding there's to be no profit to be made. The first step of recycling is, re-use.

To find out if a local group is in operation in your town, here.

The BBC Sci & Tech News

To be found here, the science & technology sections are much less depressing & murderers-obsessed than the main news section, plus often more interesting.

Most of the main site's content seems to have slipped into the usual fair of repeating what other networks are already covering around the world and often picking very mainstream common interest stories, (top 10 tweets of the week being a prime example of just how far "journalism" has come) however within the tech and sci/environment parts there at least seems to be actual new stories and well researched & followed up pieces.


I love gmx, well I guess rather I should say I am annoyed at how many times ive had to create a new hotmail account after losing an old one. Plus gmx allows you to create a huge number of alias email addresses all tied to one account.

It's a bit annoying that every two weeks a message pops up telling you you've forgotten to log out, and the only option to close it is "do not remind me of this for 2 weeks".

Anyway if you're looking for an online free and easy to use e-mail provider, here.

Another very similar site, almost identical in fact which gives an easy to remember (plus others) is found here.


IMDB (Internet Movie Database)

Almost no doubt you will have been here or had it recommended. Often a little too commercial for my likings, however their ratings (by users) are often a very good guide to go against usually for if to watch a film.

Also the top 250 TV list is good for finding things to watch if stuck for something to watch and see new hits not heard of, for example had never heard of Orange is the New Black and saw it on the top 50 of the TV rankings and now I love it, it's odd that no one has suggested they expand the top 100 films to at least 500 viewable, which would make a quintessential "look at this list for a film to watch", only top 100 usually means watched 80% of them at least.

Anyway if fan of films or looking something to watch, imdb found : here.
Or could read my list of top 100 or so films here :)

Wake-up World

Containing if nothing else some brilliant and enlightening information on nutrition and health, it's a little plastered with ads that can distract from some of the content however a great hub of information for those seeking a bit more than just mainstream thinking.

Found here :


If 5 mins to kill, or 5 hours, a lot of entertaining games on here, they've not really unlocked the multiplayer potential of online gaming much yet, however there's some good single player games and some absolute gems in and amongst.

To be found : here.


Fairly simple concept, one signs up and you're immediately granted bitcoins plus a few of the now up and coming varieties of other online currencies or "crpyto"-currencies for free, for example doge coins or feathercoins.

Then your account is credited more, each day, for free.

The daily amount is low, however these currencies can sometimes shift huge %s that at once a "low amount" of those coins suddenly becomes a decent amount.

The site found here.

Hubpages itself

If you've found this article from an external site such as google, then, welcome, I would recommend this site we're currently on for further investigation if interested in article creation and similar.

Homepage, Here.


Obviously youtube would be on the list (with ebay, google, wikipedia etc) though impossible to have not heard of them, however vimeo is also to be recommended as a bit a like a much better version of youtube just with a bit less content.

This generally means if you can find it on vimeo watch it on there (often with much better sound and much better chance of it being in good HD) however youtube good for just a mass trawl.

Vimeo here.


Cool Mini

Whether you're a fan of miniatures / fantasy type stuff or not, this site has some truly beautiful art. Highly recommend if you're a miniature maker / painter or never heard of such a thing. The concept of the site is one uploads pictures of the project / miniature and others rate it (thus deciding if it's a "cool mini" or not).

This means if you browse by rating you can see some truly epic models. Here.

(By the by if you like rare, out of production, old miniatures I try to stock some good ones in my ebay store, the OtherWorldEmporium, feel free to have a browse here :)


There's a few freelancer websites out there (or I'll do that for a dollar! type sites) Odesk seems the pick of the pack, especially for employers (with bespoke reporting software taking screenshots of progress if working on per/hour basis, projects more flexible, watch tv whilst responding to online chat questions perhaps) however there is a large influx of cheap workers that speak little english (and work for ridiculously low rates) meaning employers sometimes have hundreds of applicants to sift through and a lot of competition for potential employees, however if you're looking for an online job and some extra cash or to put together a team for a project.

Found here.


A perhaps somewhat silly name for what turns out to be an actually somewhat great game, of the old school RPG-pvp style, has been going for many many years, one of the first ever to have real world currency exchanged for in game currency, fun if enjoy building strategies / buying trading rare weapons of the +3 / elvish type variety.

Totally free to play, though supporter option that enables fight lists and more teams (5 max, wish they'd allow investment for more char slots) Has a nice Tolkien-based theme running through-out, though no graphics to speak of (well, very few, though imagination is a powerful thing!), good if you're on a tablet or old computer that can't handle graphic intensive game / at-work and like a mind stimulating activity for a bus ride or coffee break, a lot about how you train your team of up to 4 minions, place them in strategy, bit like chess++, found, here.

(Quick way of explaining it, you have up to 4 minions, these you can equip and train, you get battle allocation to fight other player's teams (pvp only) you then gain exp, gold and occasionally rare items (which can equip, auction or sell for USD (not huge amounts, like $5 max) has a very interesting feature (NUB bonus) whereby new players get a huge amount of extra gold and exp (800% say) for many months that is set in tandem with the top team's power, meaning even a new player can aim to get into the top 10 even though the games been running many years).

Triton : Neptune's Pride 2

The sequel to a much loved space strategy game, Neptune's Pride, fight friends or strangers in games with usually 8+ players, simple yet complex with research choices and diplomacy often key, found here.

Free to play, though option to upgrade to premium membership where you can create games (including private games to invite only your own friends / online buddies) plus rename stars / fleets. I like the new version actually, it's a fun 10 minutes a day type game, though can get quite involving.

- One of the keys to the game is how you spend your initial resources, for example play very risky and plug it all into economy might be one option, meaning you'll be comparatively defenceless though bountiful in the long run or push military and research leaving Eco until higher level terraforming, doing early land (well, planet) grabs

More Soon

Will be hopefully updating and maintaining the list regularly, if any suggestions please feel free to leave in comments box plus any other comments too.


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