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My traffic is increasing!

Updated on April 24, 2011
Go Traffic!
Go Traffic!

I know I posted at the beginning of the month that I was going work on getting traffic to my blog and increasing my views and those that have subscribed. 

I have been somewhat successful with this as I joined a 30 day blog challenge where you blog everyday and then post the link on Facebook, Twitter or both to share with the others doing the challenge. I have been trying to post to the Twitter group daily, although, I have only been blogging five out of seven days of the week.  I definitely see an increase in traffic from doing this, but wonder if this traffic will continue after the month is over?

In checking my statistics, I see that I have 8 subscribers, and I only know who one of the subscribers is, so I am definitely reaching out and getting some new people.  This is oen of the benefits to doing the blog challenge and is some proof that I am having success.  About 40% of my traffic is coming from referral sites, which I think would be Twitter and Facebook, so I am happy with that statistic as well.

I have also started a Facebook page in order to promote my blog and that seems to be working slowly.  I also have a few plans of other things that I can do on the Facebook page to try and get some more people over to the page. 

I know that traffic is fleeting, and that if you do not continue to put up quality information and get indexed by the engines, then you will not get the traffic. Without trying to optimize my page for the search engines, I am getting approx 40% traffic from there as well.  While the number of visits is not as impressive, it is nice to know that I am at least getting traffic from there as well.

Another promotion that I am doing is commenting on other blogs that allow you to leave a link in your comment back to your site.  There is actually a group of us doing this to help each other out, as this helps your site out in the search engines.  It is definitely an easy way to promote your site.

I know that I still need to consider other methods to promote my blog but I am happy with the bits of traffic that I am getting.  But of course, I want more!


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