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MySpace vs. Facebook

Updated on October 30, 2012

Most people who are active on social networking sites have a profile on both MySpace and Facebook. However, despite being on both sites, each user almost always has a preference for one site over the other. That's due to the fact that there are some significant differences between the two networking sites and the people who are most active on them. Neither one is necessarily better than the other but any one individual might consider one "better" in comparison because of the different uses for each of the sites. Here's a closer look at those differences:

User Demographic:

There's been an interesting shift in who uses the sites. MySpace began with a big preference for teenagers whereas Facebook was designed specifically for college students. (When it first started, you even needed a college email address to sign up with Facebook.) As the two sites have grown up, their users have changed. These days, teens may be on either site. And college students turn up on both of them as well.

Where the real differences lie now is in the professionals who are networking on the sites. Facebook has a number of different professionals who are on the site for networking and job hunting. Head hunters hang around to find people who might be right for certain jobs. If you're a career professional in the computer or business fields, Facebook is more your game. That's not to say that there aren't professionals on MySpace. However, they tend to be involved in more creative careers. Musicians, comedians and fashion designers are easy to find on MySpace.


Facebook has MySpace beat hands down for the number of applications that you can use on the site. In fact, new applications are being designed on a regular basis for Facebook, many of which assist with the professional networking that takes place on the site. If you're interested in the cutting edge ways that you can communicate with people (such as using Click-to-Call widgets to contact Facebook friends via voice communication) then Facebook is your place. If all of those applications are too confusing for you, you might want to stick with MySpace.


Despite the fact that there are plenty of applications for Facebook, the types of designs that you can have on your own profile page are somewhat limited. Most Facebook pages look basically the same at a first glance. In contrast, it's possible to really alter your MySpace profile so that it looks completely unique. People who want to show off their creative tendencies are likely to find that MySpace makes that a little bit easier to do.


Both MySpace and Facebook offer users the opportunity to create and join groups on the site. This can be a way to keep everyone from an old group (such as a college sorority) together on the site. It can also be a way to meet new people with the same interests as you. There are a range of different groups on each of the sites so which site you like better might depend on the ease with which you find a group on the site that you're most active on.

In general, many people say that they prefer the MySpace groups. This is due to the fact that the groups are very easy to find on the site. There is a page available which shows which groups there are under different categories. It also shows how many members are active in those groups. On the other hand, Facebook will tell you which groups were recently joined by your friends so you can get some hints as to which groups you might like because of that feature. In this category, it really depends on your own interests and your preference between the appearance of the group layout on MySpace as compared to Facebook.


Spam doesn't seem to be a problem on Facebook whereas it can be quite a headache on MySpace. People hack MySpace profiles and send viruses to their friends on the site. MySpace users check their messages and find beautiful sexy girls there who want them to "come check out pics on this others site" (a site that is adult-only and needs to be paid for). If you don't want to deal with spam, Facebook is currently the place for you.

In the news

Despite the problems with spam, MySpace doesn't get too much negative news attention. The one area that it does get bad media is in the risk that it poses to the underage users on the site. (We've all heard the story of the teenage girl who met a boy on MySpace and met in public only to find out it was really an old man who wanted to do her harm.) However, this can happen on any social networking site. Most users of MySpace don't find this to be a problem assuming that they use common sense on the site.

In contrast, Facebook has recently gotten some negative publicity from users. There was a debacle recently in which advertising on the site changed and users were unhappy with the way that it happened. Some people were finding that their shopping preferences were being shown to their online friends, an issue which made them feel that their privacy was violated. As a result, many people who once really supported Facebook started moving over to sites such as MySpace.


Ultimately, which social networking site you prefer really depends on what you like in a site. In addition to MySpace and Facebook, there are numerous other social networking sites that you can use to meet new people and to stay in touch with old friends. Each of these serves its own niche group (for example, there is Linked In for professionals). What is important to remember is that the popularity of each of these sites is going to wax and wane over time. If you're just looking to get on the latest trend, you'll have to flitter from site to site. But if you want to really develop connections on the sites, find the one that has an interface you're most comfortable with using and start getting to know people there!


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  • profile image

    jerry 3 years ago

    myspace doesn't have much spam. facebook on the other hand is full of it, and also has flashing ads that give people seizures

  • profile image

    shondra fuller 4 years ago

    i.d theft fraud alert nt thrid world ingnore shondra2 fraud email

  • profile image

    ad 4 years ago


  • profile image

    PERSON 4 years ago


  • ShaamCA profile image

    ShaamCA 4 years ago from India

    very interesting to read your post.

    Facebook is better than myspace.facebook has many features and techniques.its becoming more popular than other social media sites.

  • shameemweb profile image

    shameemweb 4 years ago from India

    Facebook which has dominate myspace most of the users are wish to visit facebook alone

  • newusedcarssacram profile image

    newusedcarssacram 4 years ago from Sacramento, CA, U.S.A

    I think facebook is better option...

  • profile image

    kamrulqwe 5 years ago

    I use BranchOut for professional networking on FB. It’s nice to have an app that can make a select portion of your profile available as another tool to use for networking while still keeping the more personal and social portions of he profile private.

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  • homepagepays profile image

    homepagepays 5 years ago from Australia

    Great hub and I also agree, interesting comments. Personally FB is far better than Myspace, that is however a personal choice, mind you not a fan of the new FB timeline!

  • jamila sahar profile image

    jamila sahar 5 years ago

    interesting comments, my space definitely needs an upgrade, but i just keep the account because i am a musician, the fb i only set up to post videos & blogs, as i don't like all the 'friend drama' with people you have never met. but it is a necessary evil for business to me. i don't really like it, as i would never have any private conversations on the internet ever ! but use it for business purposes

  • internetgeek profile image

    Nizam Khan 5 years ago from Hyderabad, India.

    Very informative and interesting Hub. Well it completely depends on people preferences for which platform they want to rely on, or may be both. But you have provided some useful insights. Thanks and voted up.

  • htodd profile image

    htodd 5 years ago from United States

    That is really nice hub..obviously facebook is far better

  • profile image

    anil 5 years ago

    for the facebook terminology refer to this site

  • profile image

    Rana 5 years ago

    its really nice hub. See here how myspace is getting popular again.

  • profile image 5 years ago


    How r u I agree with a lot of things

  • profile image

    Dr. Spockenstein 5 years ago

    facebook is garbage.

    It is incomprabaly weak in CREATIVITY/abiliyy to modify profile.

    I can twist & edit my MySpace profile as I please, especially music & graphics andyet I get business function also satified, I even use @myspace email address.

    But facebook is too dull.

    If I want dull 100% business Social/Networking website, I use LinkedIn; if I want dual entertainment+busienss I use MySpace. F Facebook, people are sheep following herd, soon enough they will be leaving facebook as they did MySpace. fad followers.

  • profile image

    Javier 5 years ago

    La verdad yo prefiero mil veces Facebook, porque es mas comodo, aunque a veces ha estado cambiando unas cosillas que a muchos nos molesta, ya he escuchado hacerca de estos vs como por ejemplo:

    Todos quieren competir!!!

  • TravelinAsia profile image

    TravelinAsia 5 years ago from Thailand/Southeast Asia

    I think Facebook is a dangerous habit, and I think it has had a negative impact on our society, people spend far too much time using Facebook, when they should be socializing face to face ..

  • profile image

    killer 5 years ago

    i don't understand why people would support a copycat. i think myspace should sue facebook for stealing their idea. basically,facebook is a crummy, bland, boring version of myspace and i can't figure out why people like it better.

  • profile image

    why 5 years ago

    MYSPACE is better, facebook is plain, it has apps but myspace allows you to express yourself

  • profile image

    nargiz 5 years ago

    my name is nargiz

  • mr-burns profile image

    mr-burns 5 years ago

    Facebook without a doubt

  • profile image

    NATE 5 years ago


  • profile image

    OndePyrat 5 years ago

    Facebook is mor popular, but MySpace leaves Facebook in the DIRT when it comes to music profiles and stuff!

  • profile image

    erikjohnson 5 years ago

    I just visited my old MySpace page and yes it is still there. The problem is that MySpace is very slow and painful to navigate. Can't believe the allowed it to get that far away from them. I guess they just could not respond the Facebook take over. Too bad. They are for sure pioneers in the social media aspect.

  • maxravi profile image

    Ravi Singh 5 years ago from India

    Well I live in India and people are mad about facebook here. I am too a big fan of facebook.

    Myspace is little old to use.bdw thanks for oyur hub.Intresting info.

  • profile image

    facebookthemes 5 years ago

    Thanks for comparison with Facebook vs Myspaces. Useful one thanks

  • profile image

    Facebook Applications 5 years ago

    I have no words to express how useful your blog was to me in completing my job work successful. Thanks a lot.

  • Slightly Bonkers profile image

    Slightly Bonkers 5 years ago from Ireland

    I think that Facebook is the better of the two however Google+ will give Facebook a run for its money!

  • profile image

    Slightly Bonkers 5 years ago

    I think that Facebook is the better of the two, however google+ looks like it will give Facebook a run for its money!

  • profile image

    deepakkumaarr 5 years ago

    Very Good Article Friend

  • profile image

    heavenrooms 5 years ago

    i better like facebook, but myspace is good too

  • profile image

    arik airlines 6 years ago

    Social networks keep people intact and they can share views and thoughts as well. Facebook is an example of it. I like this topic. Good work done. Keep it up.

  • Web World Watcher profile image

    Web World Watcher 6 years ago

    This was a really great hub. i read somewhere that for the first time in the history of facebook they had a month this month where their sign-ups actually started to decline from the amount of the month before. It will be interesting to see what sort of platform emerges in the near future.

  • profile image

    TV WATCHER 6 years ago

    Given that the Myspace social network is older than Facebook, it can be assumed that it has more users. However, in recent years, Facebook became more popular, and users will go for it! It seems to me that in the future network MySpace will simply disappear! Thanks for the interesting article!

  • profile image

    bigtacos34 6 years ago

    I like facebook and understand for the most part how to use it, but what would really convince me to use it more is if it was more customizable kinda like how myspace was. If that were the case Facebook would definetly be the dominant social netowrk, In a nutshell Facebook + MySpace Customization= Ultimate Social Netowrk

  • smartrich22 profile image

    smartrich22 6 years ago from Bandung, Indonesia

    In my opinion, Myspace is far more better than Facebook. Okay, let say that Facebook becoming the King of social network now. But Myspace keep relevant with the aim of market target and it seems they're consistent with that.

  • profile image

    funstars 6 years ago from India

    I remember a sms about facebook.

    Days will come and they leave you too and make you alone. But don't I'm always here to welcome you.


  • profile image

    Susan Smith 6 years ago

    As per my point of view in social networking platform, Facebook will always score high because of its features, apps, games, and overall presentation of data. My space is also a nice social networking site however it need some improvement..


    Susan Smith.

  • profile image

    Susan Smith 6 years ago

    As per my point of view in social networking platform, Facebook will always score high beacause of its features, apps, games, and overall presentation of data. My space is also a nice social networking site however it need some improvement..


    Susan Smith.

  • profile image

    kiash 6 years ago

    Now days we are addicted with social networking sites. I think social networking sites are not making us not social.Facebook, MySpace, Hi5 and other sites make us nonsocial beings. :(

  • profile image

    azure0434 6 years ago

    Very interesting hub. I only have my account on facebook.

  • Jo_Goldsmith11 profile image

    Jo_Goldsmith11 6 years ago

    I started out on MySpace. Then I joined fib. I have left face book twice. I returned only to be frustrated with it once again. For some reason, it keeps locking me out. I try and use a password that is easy to remember. Face book for some reason doesn't accept my passwords. I never had this problem on MySpace. Really good information here. I was thinking, too bad you can't start up a social network that offers better quality than either of the two. I enjoy your writing!

  • profile image

    Stefany 6 years ago

    I used to like myspace like a yr ago,but not anymore a prefer faceboook,myspace is just to complicated and dumb now. So facebook wins!!!

  • leeroper profile image

    leeroper 6 years ago from UK

    How times have changed, myspace almost is incomparable to facebook these days.

  • profile image

    Stacie 6 years ago

    I use both, and I think Myspace is way better than Facebook. The only reason I have Facebook is because most of my friends and family are on here and don't use Myspace anymore. Here are the reasons why Myspace is better than Facebook:

    -You can decorate your profile

    -You can add music to your profile

    -The people on Myspace (yes, there are still some people that use Myspace) aren't assholes and don't delete you for dumb reasons. Like, because they don't like your status. I mean seriously. If you don't like what I write, then don't fucking read it. Freedom of speech, remember?

    -You can post bulletins on Myspace

    -Everyone's profile looks the same on Facebook

    -You can add different quotes and stuff to your Myspace profile to express yourself

    -It's easier to blog

    -You can search for people on Myspace without the hassle of having to sign in

  • profile image

    Air Zimbabwe 6 years ago

    kathryn it was a very informative hub...great job...i think most of the people prefer facebook because of the spam issue on other thing is that its easy to promote hubs,pages on facebook as compared to on myspace....

  • DJArifrocks profile image

    DJArifrocks 6 years ago from Dhaka, Bangladesh

    Thanks Kathryn Vercillo. I personally use facebook most of the times and I support this....

  • Tamila Roberts profile image

    Tamila Roberts 6 years ago from Canada

    Great hub. Now it's much easier to discern the difference between the two social networking websites.

  • profile image

    beeeeee 6 years ago

    i only got a facebook because all my friends stop using myspace

  • profile image

    Weber Genesis E320 6 years ago

    facebook is taking the world over

  • profile image

    driverfor 6 years ago

    Facebook is the best

  • joinsky profile image

    joinsky 6 years ago

    Wop, excellent hub

  • Jeffhubluber profile image

    Jeffhubluber 6 years ago

    honestly I was going to come in here laughing at the title but I drove more traffic via myspace than I ever have with Facebook...fb is where it's at it seems but having hundreds of thousands of myspace friends can still send good traffic via bulletins

  • JoseJr777 profile image

    JoseJr777 6 years ago

    Facebook is a dangerous! MYspace is a weaker!

    Facebook won!

  • franktwin profile image

    Frankie Rockos 6 years ago from New York

    Facebook All The Way-


  • profile image

    rachel 6 years ago

    I have facebook, not myspace.Yes myspace has more options for designing your web page, but for someone like me only interested in talking to friends and keeping updated, facebook is good enough.

  • fbliangcha profile image

    fbliangcha 6 years ago from Guangxi-Zhuang, China

    I received a message from myspace that I needed to clear out my account and make a backup if I wanted the stuff. they recommended switching to because they were shutting down the service. Is this true? or just for myspace Japan?

  • profile image

    olderuser 6 years ago

    i feel like facebook is just an electronic CIA information office they just asked me to send my id copy to them 2 days ago of course i refused i don't trust these people and im sure now they know and read all my personal messeges, i have many other ways to contact with friends and share life with them like MSN, Skype or of course mobiles. i havnt tried myspace yet i think it wont be too deffirent than the first one. J.D.

  • profile image

    Alex Sprick 6 years ago

    Have facebook install a profile views notification like myspace!!

  • profile image

    KonnectionZ 6 years ago

    Great read. Very inspiring. You always give out interesting ideas.

    check out these stats....

  • profile image

    nobody  6 years ago

    there is nothing to do on myspace at all. on face book there are things to do. wish they would offer music playlists and background layouts

  • 123chri123 profile image

    123chri123 6 years ago

    It seems MySpace is more of entertainment stuff.Do people make money from it like facebook?

  • profile image

    BriarRose313 6 years ago

    thanks for the information, it really helped with the research report i'm writing. I still like facebook best though.

  • profile image

    sam11 6 years ago


  • sunnymarie profile image

    sunnymarie 6 years ago

    Good info, great comments. I'm at both FB and MySpace and I thank you for sharing!

  • Pamela N Red profile image

    Pamela N Red 6 years ago from Oklahoma

    I have an account on both. I used to like MySpace better with it's music, videos and color but they changed it a while back and many of my friends left and went to facebook so I moved too. I still have a MySpace account but never log on anymore.

    MySpace messed up when they took the blog features off. That was my main reason for making a profile there.

    I've recently heard of a new site called Friendburst that some of my friends have tried to get me to join but I already have more than I can keep up with so I don't want to add another.

  • The Pink Panther profile image

    The Pink Panther 6 years ago from Sydney, Australia

    Myspace has gone down the pooper ever since Murdock bought it.

    Just today they sacked half their global staff (around 500 guys).

    Great hub!

  • profile image

    Sam 6 years ago

    I'm not a big fan of any social network. It takes up way too much time...and in a strange way you become anti social.

  • profile image

    hubpageswriter 6 years ago

    Very good topic. I'd say use both accordingly. I can't decide between Facebook and MySpace. Both have their individual strengths and weaknesses.

  • cceerpp profile image

    cceerpp 6 years ago from Ghana

    MySpace is now a Social Entertainment Hub and NOT a Social Networking site as it was some 3 years ago.

  • profile image

    FD 6 years ago

    Don't be fooled by all this social disease pollution.. Here is the bottom line.. Facebook's success is based on the basic human nature of curiosity and it will cannibalize itself once users figure out just how they are being used. It's a fantastic global social lab experiment and users are the lab mice..

  • arteuro profile image

    arteuro 6 years ago from Cape Town South Africa

    WILD 2 SAY



  • profile image

    On looker 6 years ago

    Facebook is always having tech problems as far as spam,being hacked and viruses Facebook has it's share,give me an old fashion message board any day,a lot less headache!

  • deblipp profile image

    deblipp 6 years ago

    Great Hub!!!!!

    The hub specifically focused on people preferences over facebook or myspace. It is true that MySpace began with a big preference for teenagers whereas Facebook was designed specifically for college students.In my opinion facebook is very much easy and carries more features as compared to My Space.

  • profile image 6 years ago

    Yes Indeed Facebook. ON TOP

    do check out the biggest Facebook Funny Videos @

  • profile image

    gksjlgkldsgklj 6 years ago


  • profile image

    Rob 6 years ago

    Facebook is definitely supierior to myspace, I read here that people think that facebook is hard to use. Im here to tell you that a 2 year old can use facebook.What is so hard about using facebook? Myspace SUCKS!!!!!!!! I started out with myspace then switched to facebook, and I hav'nt used myspace since, that's been like 3-4 years ago. Myspace runs way too slow

  • profile image

    Chalandra 6 years ago

    Hi,Um no offence and don't kill me when I say this but Myspace is too...."nasty".TOO MUCH INFO.And nasty photos on there :(

  • profile image

    KLeichester 6 years ago

    Very nice comparison. Thanks for this read.

  • Alen Ostovic profile image

    Alen Ostovic 6 years ago from Croatia

    If I need to choose I would chose Facebook, cause it's more user friendly and seems more interesting. Nice Hub voted up :)

  • profile image

    stass 6 years ago

    uhmmm, facebook all theee way, there is so much more to do and keep you entertained. so therefore, facebook.

  • profile image

    facebook7464 6 years ago

    I will go with facebook, as its more user friendly and also new

    Facebok Layouts have made it more interesting and attractive.

    For more details visit :

  • AutumnLockwood profile image

    AutumnLockwood 6 years ago from Northern California

    I love Facebook!

  • profile image

    saoirse 6 years ago

    I have both a myspace and a facebook, I primarily went over to facebook though because more of my friends/family were on there(hardly ANY of them have a myspace unless they are in a band). Also, in my opinion myspace allows a little too much customization. Some ppl put so much stuff on their myspace that the page freezes or is just unreadable and impossible to navigate. facebook having one uniform layout, while boring, is much easier to navigate. Facebook focuses less on everyone being able to show how they are unique snowflake. It's strengths are just simply the bare bones of staying connected and social networking.

  • profile image

    Mariana 6 years ago

    NO WAY!

    Of Course FACEBOOK!

  • profile image

    Deccan Chargers 6 years ago

    Oh .... My vote goes to Facebook ..... top 2 website according to alexa traffic rankings ..... myspace is nowhere even in top ten .....

  • profile image

    Richie 6 years ago

    Started with myspace over 6 years ago.. Really enjoyed it, but when they started making their updates and changing the look of it, I hated it.. The only reason I still have my account is because it took me days to make my profile look just right and i can't bring myself to deleting it.

    I've had facebook for months, but only started using it on a daily basis after I found friends and family on there.. I love facebook now!

  • Rabbit Reviews profile image

    Rabbit Reviews 6 years ago

    MySpace seems to be dying a slow and horrible death.

  • profile image

    lilboy 6 years ago

    i like facebook better more people go on it and it has more games

  • profile image

    tirewire 6 years ago

    facebook rocks

  • profile image

    Humanity Life 6 years ago

    i prefer to facebook better than myspace, im stop myspace long time ago :)~

  • profile image

    zani 6 years ago

    I neither like mysace nor facebook. But i prefer myspace because idea was not stolen from any one... If you don't have idea you canot win any game in the world... idea for facebook was stolen from other two brillient brothers... Remember you canot go so far with cheating even you are smart....

  • profile image

    Myspace freak skip facebook 6 years ago

    i love my-book i mean face-space what?

  • josh xD profile image

    josh xD 6 years ago from Hartlepool, United Kingdom

    I like Facebook better, well i say this, but that probably because everyone of my friends uses facebook as opposed to Myspace, i think Myspace offers a lot more privacy than Facebook, you can stay in the backlight of social networking. I think if everyone suddenly transported over to Myspace then i would prefer Myspace, its just the shear ammount of people who use Facebook automatically draw me into using it aswell. Good Hub, i like it :) alot

  • profile image

    Bobby Anonymous 6 years ago

    I prefer MySpace over Facebook, mainly because I can remain somewhat anonymous on MySpace. I really don't want my current or prospective employer seeing everything I post about political issues or every band I like or whatever silly stuff I might be into at the moment. With MySpace I can keep that all private and yet still let my friends and family keep in touch with me. I'm free to be myself on MySpace and be creative and fun. I only use Facebook for business networking purposes, and it is boring compared to MySpace, so I rarely ever use it.

  • shoppingqueen profile image

    shoppingqueen 6 years ago

    My vote is for Facebook! I love having it on my iPhone too!

  • profile image

    Matt 6 years ago

    Overall since getting Myspace, I realized most who use it are simply ones trying to fill a void in their life or are pedophiles. They will base popularity on how many Myspace friends they have even though they have never talked to these people face to face or even on Myspace themselves. They would also know if they were popular in real life, they'd know popular people don't have the most friends because they are only friends with their own kind. These people are also the ones who seek a relationship or online sex.

    When I got my Facebook thinking it was different, I found a lot of the same shit, that Myspace had. People who have friends on there, their friends will try and add you to build up their friends collection.

    The only semi decent social networks I found were Ning, LinkedIn and Twitter. And the only truly popular one of the 3 is Twitter. Because these sites are either harder to randomly add people or don't go have friends list just people who follow you, thus a lot avoid them. And I will say I had a Twitter account when it was still ranked 200,000+ overall.

    90% of social network sites that are popular have some way to randomly add friends whether through just searching and adding, through their friends, friends list or through the "you might know" type. If they don't have any of the options and require the person to actually know you, the social network is destined to fail. After all desperate people seem to be the majority of the online world.

    Since finding all this shit out, I now only use Myspace to update my profile and for Facebook to update my profile and use it to sign into other sites. You will never find a site I'm on with a bunch of random people on my friends lists (and I hide my friends list whenever possible because it's no one's business to know who my friends are.) and if I don't know you and you try and add me, you will be instantly rejected.

  • belief713 profile image

    belief713 6 years ago from NJ

    I've never liked MySpace...Facebook's layout is WAYYYYY better!! Once I learned how to adjust the privacy on Facebook and leverage it I liked it that much more!

  • profile image

    junky joe 6 years ago

    To much advertising on facebook for me. I'm more into music so myspace works better for me. Don't care about the news feed on facebook it's more for nosey people who like to spy on eachother. I could care less if someone just posted a new picture or added a friend.

  • CarolineVABC profile image

    CarolineVABC 6 years ago from Castaic

    I actually had a MySpace account and then moved to Facebook since all of my family and friends were using it. I recently closed my Facebook account because it was taking too much of my time, especially the games! Also, I got way too much e-mails from Facebook in which I was not interested in such as so and so made a comment on one of their friends' pages and it was cluttering my e-mails even more. I would get at least 10 e-mails from Facebook from people that I'm not even friends with on Facebook just because they made a comment or friends with one of my friends. While on MySpace, I would only get e-mails from my "friends" on the site and nothing else which I kind of like. I also like the fact that I can personalize my page on MySpace, although some people get too carried away with this. I went back to MySpace to get in touch with some of my relatives since they are still on the site, even when they all ready have a Facebook account, themselves. Also, the biggest reason why I closed my Facebook account is that I wanted to spend more time with my 13-year-old son rather than playing the "silly" games on Facebook all the time!:-) Sure, it was great to see so many of my relatives on Facebook whom I have not seen in ages! But after the initial reconnection, not too many of them stay in touch with me, anyway. Some of my friends communicate with me more than my own relatives-not saying that it's the same for everyone else-this is just my personal experience. Anyhow, I can always reach my relatives and friends through e-mail and so, that's why, I've closed my Facebook account. After so many apps and games on Facebook, like anything else, it gets too dull, for me, as time goes by. Thank you for the hub and sharing your thoughts on this. I think getting rid of my Facebook account is one of the best things I could have ever done because now, I have more time to spend with my son and listen to what he has to say or show me. He is very much into animation and he would like to be an animator someday. Thank you for taking your time to read my long comment. God bless!:-)

  • belliott profile image

    belliott 6 years ago

    I like facebook. I think with any social media site you need to use caution regarding your privacy.

  • susantoandre26 profile image

    susantoandre26 6 years ago

    Both is good.. But I prefer to use facebook. I got a lot hub traffic from facebook. Thank you facebook.

  • profile image

    Jassy 6 years ago

    I started with myspace and now I have both even tho ms has more uniqueness fb is just easier quicker and better

  • profile image

    Best Facebook Statuses 6 years ago

    Facebook is way too better than Myspace.

  • profile image

    SS 6 years ago

    myspace and facebook should come together!!! join forces to create.. MYFACE!! lmao... watch this youtube video making fun of myspace,

  • profile image

    Knowflake 6 years ago

    I'm shocked that anyone could choose Facebook over MySpace. It truly shows how people can be mindless drones without an ounce of originality or creativity. MySpace is far superior. The new face of social networks, Google Me, will destroy Facebook, but MySpace will be stronger than ever. MySpacers, add me:

  • kingkhan78 profile image

    kingkhan78 6 years ago

    nice information in face book band so keep it

  • profile image

    fbhypetrafficx 6 years ago

    Actually the statistics are controversia, or they change every day at least. Some news give FB to the top, some others MS. Better keep an eye on both. :)

  • profile image

    meowww 6 years ago

    i use both, but i'm about to stop using myspace b.c it's trying to hard to be facebook & failing epicly. plus the differences is why people use both. the way i take most people are going to stop using myspace here soon if it doesn't stop. they should've stopped at the 2.0 profile.

  • profile image

    watup 6 years ago


  • koladivar profile image

    koladivar 6 years ago from Sydney - Goa

    I think Facebook is much more user friendly!

  • profile image

    ray 6 years ago

    go back to myspace myspace wAS SO MUCH BETTER do u even care that myspace is dying pleze try to go back to myspace

  • I am DB Cooper profile image

    I am DB Cooper 6 years ago from Whereabouts unknown at this time

    Wow you've got a lot of feedback on this Hub! MySpace failed because they let their users have the control, and they soon found out that their users were idiots. Facebook controls its users like a heard of sheep and has them eating out of their hands. People stay on Facebook all day checking their news feed and new friend requests. Nobody can stay on MySpace for more than 5 minutes without barfing.

  • klran26 profile image

    klran26 6 years ago

    MySpace didn't work for me. There are many users who restricted their account to only accept their friend, and not a stranger. My only friends on MySpace just musicians or film makers who are trying to promote their self and not genuinely interested on have a friendship with me..while people on Facebook seem more open-minded. And we could update our status or following others status more realtime

  • vmarker profile image

    vmarker 6 years ago from Born in the USA!

    Facebook is getting more spammy - some application, for example, is sending invites to users' friends for Free Best Buy Gift Cards and similar events - 10 times a day. :/

  • MyMastiffPuppies profile image

    MyMastiffPuppies 6 years ago

    You know it has been a while since you wrote this hub. My opinion has changed over the last couple of years from myspace to facebook being my favorite.

  • profile image

    Megan 6 years ago

    I find Facebook really great :D :D More friends are on Facebook then Myspace. I think its creapy that Myspace has viruses like that...

  • kandrawe profile image

    kandrawe 6 years ago from Tropical Country

    i loves facebook..

  • profile image

    Jcm 6 years ago

    Facebook is very addictive in my opinion... I don't like all the request it imposes upon you. Add this person or become a fan, so and so likes this. I could care less what anyone else likes or thinks... I like changing my myspace page and being creative.

  • profile image

    rawrrrlikeadino 6 years ago

    I went back on my myspace i hadn't been on in 3 years, so tacky and gross, and a bunch of requests from creeps... ughh

  • animal-backpacks profile image

    animal-backpacks 6 years ago from Brighton

    Too be honest I've given up with both as I just don't like my privacy being 'out there'... especially when friends broadcast to the World that we're going on holiday for 3 weeks!! Also I notice the only people I ever really speak to on Facebook are those people I'm not really friends with so don't see the point. I'm probably sounding old school but my friends numbers are in my phone and I see them when I want to see them.

  • profile image

    Abril 6 years ago

    Facebook all the way! Its much better cause Myspace has too many emos, and when you add someone you don't know who they really are cause of the username plus it just gets really boring.

  • profile image

    Winnie(: 7 years ago

    I think facebook and myspace should like, come together, and make Myfacespacebook :D

    Like, ultimate social networking site!

  • profile image

    locationary 7 years ago from United States of America

    I'm thinking Facebook will be better as it seems to be updating, putting out content and fixing problems that just boost its publicity more than MySpace at the moment. Also it seems people I know are switching to Facebook, so to me it seems MySpace is dying a bit or at least not working hard enough to compete against Facebook.

  • profile image

    Webdesigner 7 years ago

    I prefered myspace at the beginning because of the music artists pages. But, now artists can easily add imbedded mp3 player on their facebook profiles. I believe facebook won the battle...

  • profile image

    Nathan.barnes 7 years ago

    myspace and facebook are heaps good but its hard to say what's better or what's not very good

  • OurAwesomeWorld profile image

    OurAwesomeWorld 7 years ago

    Nice hub! I'm more comfortable with MySpace. Facebook has too many apps and I feel it's more complicated to use. I love MySpace. I have tons of friends and use it for business & personal. Facebook has those silly pages you have to create for your business. MySpace all the way for me.

    To Check out my MySpace and Twitter layouts and Tutorials Visit

  • profile image

    idk 7 years ago

    facebook n myspace both r good, but facebook

    is more populated, more popular n more alert!

  • thehands profile image

    thehands 7 years ago

    Facebook with all its crazy apps and games seems like the one more likely to waste people's time in the realm of procrastination from more important things.

  • crazykhan profile image

    crazykhan 7 years ago from Lahore

    i think Facebook is the best

  • profile image

    me 7 years ago

    If you like the smell of alcohol in a doctor's office then you will love Facebook

  • blackhatworld profile image

    blackhatworld 7 years ago from Belize

    good job thanks! good luck with your Hubpage.

  • nadp profile image

    nadp 7 years ago from WEST PALM BEACH, FLORIDA

    This is really interesting. I use facebook but have always wondered about MySpace. Thanks!

  • profile image

    Cadet SSGT Miller 7 years ago

    Facebook i feel like im more active with people, and so what if i don't get to put a pretty little piture on your back ground, Myspace is copying face book all the time anyways so y not just get a facebook account?!

  • profile image

    JrTx 7 years ago

    Myspace hands down!!

    i cancelled my myspace account to create a facebook and it took me less the an hour to delete my facebook account. I find it pointless and boring. I do not see the point of having an account in both networks unless your trying to promote yourself as an artist, actor, model, ect.

    You basically find the same friends on either sites.

    Myspace is more entertaining and has better feauters..spam is not so bad anymore like it use too. ive had myspace for about 4 years and it has improved so much.

    facebook sucks!

  • profile image

    King Tutu 7 years ago

    I LOVE Myspace; It allows its user to be MORE creativity (page wise) and it caters to musicians. In addition, it's easier to delete a Myspace account; whereas, with Facebook one has to go through several loop holes, then wait two weeks to permanently have their accounts remove; which is definitely a red-flag, especially if you're a paranoid person like me. All in all, Facebook seems too conniving for me; for some strange reason I think they've got a hidden agenda. It's the only social networking site I can immediately think of that DEMAND/INSIST that its users use their real names. I'm too paranoid... Myspace for ever!

  • profile image

    Mama'sBaby 7 years ago

    i enjoy Myspace because my teenage kids love Facebook. Need to keep our networking separate!

  • profile image

    nunyabizness 7 years ago

    i love myspace. facebook is so damn weak

  • profile image

    buddyorliz 7 years ago

    I only have myspace because I don't have time to set up anything new - and don't figure I need to - Or wouldn't if some of my Friends would keep there info on Myspace (pictures & video's. There is a lot of spam on myspace but probable just as much on facebook....

    Why don't they join up and become One Very up to speed social network.....

  • profile image

    They both suck 7 years ago

    Stop kidding yourselves. I tried both and I thought myspace was a mess and facebook wasn't so easy to use. After Yahoo 360 I was considering Multiply but I decided I don't care for any of them. BORING!! That's all I think of any of them. Telephone & email is good enough for me :-)

  • profile image

    lindsay 7 years ago

    myspace is better!

  • profile image

    Curtis_b 7 years ago

    facebook = Everything you want, Easy to use.

    MySpace = music, Emo's, Hard to use & navigate.


    FACEBOOK ROCKS MYSPACE SUCKS ! ... if you deny it you have problems...

  • borge_009 profile image

    borge_009 7 years ago from Philippines

    I have both myspace and facebook but i prefer to use facebook. It is much more interactive than myspace

  • profile image

    Jose 7 years ago

    Facebook was conceived out from deception. How awful and nauseating!!!!

  • profile image

    MikeyJahns 7 years ago

    Once facebook makes a music section myspace will all but be destroyed >:)

  • profile image

    Ari 7 years ago

    facebook are far better than myspace from layout to everything facebook is da best

  • DonnyBoy profile image

    DonnyBoy 7 years ago from Western New York

    tumblr is good too

  • profile image

    Georgie. 7 years ago

    I prefer Facebook, unbiased too because I've had a Myspace before.

    Myspace is just creepy to me now. Too many little kids. Too many stalkers. Eek.

  • KenWu profile image

    KenWu 7 years ago from Malaysia

    Most people prefer facebook nowaday. It has better features and user friendly, however, since they are more people that flocking to facebook, it loads quite slow. But it still okay. And be cautious, don't spend too much time on facebook as you will be addicted to it.

  • profile image

    pOOPy 7 years ago

    FACEBOOK ! I think the spam and hacking is really annoying, faceboo0k forever, i almost spned 1-2 hours each day on facebook ! go facebook

  • profile image

    Maria 7 years ago

    myspace is ruining itself, they changed our homepage to their homepage. they did not give us a choice. that stinks.

  • profile image

    crystal 7 years ago

    ok,,i think facebook is much better because collage student use it as well....and you can do a lot more on facebook such as play games and make i very much perfure facebook:)

  • profile image

    Anthony 7 years ago

    How about MySpace and Facebook both combined?

  • JLGMarketing profile image

    JLGMarketing 7 years ago from Tampa Florida

    Facebook is wayyy better! I am glad that myspace kind of phased out.

  • writer923 profile image

    writer923 7 years ago

    Facebook is safer!

  • profile image

    Anonymous 7 years ago

    I prefer Facebook over Myspace because Myspace is too general.

  • profile image

    clara 7 years ago

    Que es faceboock ??

  • profile image

    Beebopz 7 years ago

    Myspace was the big thing but now Facebook have took over. Personally I prefer to either of them, much more entertainment.

  • LoriB331 profile image

    LoriB331 7 years ago from Long Island, NY

    I have an account with MySpace and Facebook, both have their pluses and minuses. I have since been using a new social networking technology which allows you to chat, blog, comment, rate every website on the internet. With this technology, you will not be a prisoner to any one social network! If you want to socialize and leave your two cents on most any website, take a look. If you have an online business or a brick and mortar business, this company has great tools, so take a real good look. BuzzBot.

  • profile image

    NYSHAWNA 7 years ago


  • profile image

    i use both 7 years ago

    myspace features are way more advanced than facebook. I would recommend facebook for people who don't know much about computers. Facebook wont let you do a lot of things. You cant narrow your search down enough for me and its pretty plain and boring. But it will search people you may know all the time . myspace does this also but face book is right most of the time. Myspace is more towards everything dating,networking,family,music. Its just way more advanced.

  • InvestorWoman profile image

    Deidre Bourne 7 years ago from New York, NY

    Well written hub. I am not really a fan of either MySpace or Facebook, even though I have a Facebook page. I set up a page mainly because I wanted to network with others who share my interest in network marketing and home-based business opportunities and also to keep in touch with friends and family. The problem I have with Facebook is that it does not really show you how to use it. I basically had to fumble through it and also ask other people who have pages for information as to how to set up my page. Does anyone else feel the same way I do?

    I agree with you that MySpace is definitely more geared towards a younger crowd.

  • profile image

    the odd kid 7 years ago


    Now it's like, the film "Escape from New York"...only the weirdos left. It's messy, sleazy, you gotta watch out for spams and scams, just perfect for creative souls.

  • profile image

    Justin 7 years ago

    I think if myspace goes for the phone share of the market they can recap the lead,but they will need to capture the interests of nerds. More apps,more news and less eye clutter. Plus nobody likes when things feel old example aol. If there was ever a time to expand market shares it would be now.

  • profile image

    millzar the pirate 7 years ago

    honestly facebook is better for I.M. for one thing it dings when u get a message witch is great if ur doing a multi tab thing. facebook can link to more sites but.....MYSPACE STILL KICKS ASS. face book looks like a friken interview form just bOOOORing, and face book has to many tabs for viewing a friends file myspace just is you get to put music on your profile. the only reason muspace isn't as awesome as it should be is that people have switched as a fad. but i hope it passes myspace really shows the person facebook shows the qualifications.

  • profile image

    jordyronaldo 7 years ago

    MySpace !! MySpace !!

  • Ann Nonymous profile image

    Ann Nonymous 7 years ago from Virginia

    I joined MySpace and I think logged on three times ever. Now as for my facebook page, I cannot count the times I frequent it! This is a really informative hub broadcasting a lot of the pros and cons. I've found that MySpace is all about fact if someone recommends some up and coming person’s music I sometimes head there. But all those strange friend requests just put me off...Rarely do I have that problem with facebook. So facebook it is! Good hub Kathryn!

  • rdelp profile image

    rdelp 7 years ago

    I don't use my myspace account anymore and only use facebook.

  • Shinkicker profile image

    Shinkicker 7 years ago from Scotland

    Great Hub

    I think the spam problem with MySpace is exaggerated. I get spam from time to time but it's not excessive. And many MySpacers are now installing Captchas to protect their sites. For me Facebook is pretty dull and I can't stand those irritating application requests, I'm just not interested at all

  • profile image

    wouldnt u like to kno 7 years ago

    myspace, hands down.

    facebook you get NO privacy at all.

    it blows.

    but that's just me i guess.

  • Chay H profile image

    Chay H 7 years ago from Florida

    No no no, facebook!

    Myspace seems too into self promotion, and as someone with a small family and not much of a crazy social life, facebook keeps me from looking "lame". ha ha ;)

  • profile image

    Fernando 7 years ago


  • profile image

    123sold 7 years ago

    i like both but i wrote something bout that stuff and i think its true...

  • climberjames profile image

    climberjames 7 years ago from Steel City

    Facebook forever!! I outgrew my Myspace account 3 years ago and have not looked back!! - Great Hub, James :D

  • niall walsh profile image

    niall walsh 7 years ago from London

    facebook all the way

    great hub, check out my facebook quotes and groups

  • profile image

    bbq_mate 7 years ago

    Get the mates over for BBQ and socialize in person. Both Facebook and MySpace make people un-sociable. It's like those plastic dolls some guys get. Simply not the real thing

  • profile image

    Hikikomori 7 years ago

    Facebook isn't exactly my cup of tea, but it's better than MySpace.

  • Run Down Battery profile image

    Run Down Battery 7 years ago from UK

    It's strange that I prefer Myspace but all my friends are on facebook... perhaps I need new friends?

  • JMLucien profile image

    JMLucien 7 years ago from New York

    Thanks for the information. Do you plan on doing additional vs. hubs? Linked-In vs. Twitter? or Biznik vs. Bebo?

  • profile image

    PZ 7 years ago



  • profile image

    tutifruti09 7 years ago

    i love myspace. ;)

  • profile image

    Jowest 7 years ago

    I started out with a MySpace - and loved it...though eventually I got a facebook. After a few months, I realized I almost NEVER went on MySpace anymore.

    I just find actual interaction between friends easier on Facebook - no one ever talked to me on MySpace. In addition to that, it didn't matter if I even posted naked women on my profile, no one looked at it. The customization was nice for one's self, but no one else cared. That's why I deleted my account - I'm almost ALWAYS on facebook.

  • internpete profile image

    Peter V 7 years ago from At the Beach in Florida

    I started with a myspace account but eventually moved over to facebook both because that's what all my friends were getting, and i hated the spam and hackers i was getting with myspace.

  • profile image

    Will 7 years ago

    I only use facebook because everyone stopped using myspace.

  • profile image

    Scott 7 years ago


  • Harsh Sharma profile image

    Harsh Sharma 7 years ago from Mumbai,India

    Thanks Kathryn.A very well researched and informative hub.All the questions I had in my mind are answered.

  • profile image

    alfonso 7 years ago

    Myspace is waaaaaaaaaay better than facebook. I created an account on Facebook, but quickly found it too boring, and can't personalize your profile in it. Every profile on facebook almost looks the same while on Myspace, your profile is unique. Myspace is easier to use than facebook, which is why I use myspace.

  • DragonOZ profile image

    DragonOZ 7 years ago from Australia

    Facebook for me. Can not remember the last time i logged into myspace. myspace is still a leader for band pages IMO.

  • profile image

    Facebook Strategies 7 years ago

    I love both. But I love Facebook most. Most of time i use Facebook to promoting my blogs or hubs. IT helps a lot. It increase my hub traffic a lot.

    Original link :

  • sohaibshaheen profile image

    sohaibshaheen 7 years ago from Pakistan

    Facebook! superior in many ways!!!!!

  • profile image

    fadhil 7 years ago

    I LOVE MYSPACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lady Go Go profile image

    Lady Go Go 7 years ago

    Facebook, hands down! :-)

  • Disturbia profile image

    Disturbia 7 years ago

    I don't care for either Facebook or MySpace, but I have accounts on both because it's a way to keep up with my step-daughters, who always have time to post their comments and pics but don't ever have time to call their dad. ;)

  • profile image

    Bob 7 years ago

    I love facebook .......

    mafia wars .....

    It was on MYSPACE FIRST, SO WAS YOVILLE..... In fact Myspace was first, a lot of ideas that were on myspace are on facebook now. But the BLAND and REALLLLLLLLY Boring SILENT Blue and white remind of the experiments done to lab animals to make them kill themselves.

  • profile image

    Tiesto 7 years ago

    I prefer myspace...

  • profile image

    Karen 7 years ago

    I love myspace!

    For me face book doesn't really show your personality, I just love the fact that on Myspace, you can represent a little bit more with music and the way your profile looks.

  • thaninja profile image

    thaninja 7 years ago from America

    Facebook FTW

  • profile image

    Dinesh 7 years ago

    I love facebook .......

    mafia wars .....

  • profile image

    Nikki 7 years ago

    I honestly have used myspace for 5 years, and facebook for about 1 year. I have grown to spend A LOT more time on facebook lately, When i used to only use myspace daily and check facebook once in a while. I do not honestly think this has anything to with any design issues, or business vs pleasure issues. I really just think I enjoy the apps. I use many of these cute little games and facebook, so i automatically check facebook more often now. Good idea facebook. They got us away from myspace so fast!

  • profile image

    Mocko 7 years ago

    I don't know about spam .... but if you want viruses to catch .... facebook is your place. Got accts on both but myspace is my choice.

  • Facebooklicious profile image

    Facebooklicious 7 years ago from United States

    Facebook is still popular amongst all social networking website.

  • easegiri profile image

    easegiri 7 years ago from Bangalore

    I prefer facebook.

  • profile image

    sofaki 7 years ago

    i love very much facebook!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • seotrainingclub profile image

    seotrainingclub 7 years ago from UK

    Thanks for comparing the two so well - personally I prefer Facebook - but I've friends who really love Myspace!

  • Aqua profile image

    Aqua 7 years ago from California

    I'm happy with Facebook. I've never tried MySpace - it seems like it draws a younger crowd.

  • abbas73 profile image

    abbas73 7 years ago from hubpages

    thank you, good comparison. i like facebook more.

  • johnmce profile image

    johnmce 7 years ago from Brighton, UK

    Facebook for me.

    MySpace is better for music though

  • talfonso profile image

    talfonso 7 years ago from Tampa Bay, FL

    Having both Facebook and MySpace accounts, I can't decide which is better, but with one of my friend's profile on the latter (He's my celebrity role model!) - what the heck?

  • profile image

    StevenP 7 years ago

    I like myspace. I've tried Facebook but it was bland and lacked many features of myspace.

  • profile image

    myspace > facebook 7 years ago

    myspace is way better. facebook would get you lot of emails and stuff you are interested in, notifications for all and nothing, face is better for apps. and myspace for music and for me that makes myspace better, plus its more simple and easier to use.

  • MikeNV profile image

    MikeNV 7 years ago from Henderson, NV

    I actually like Myspace over Facebook... I find it easier to use. I would agree that more business uses Facebook and it's probably better suited to professional networking. I have not noticed much spam on MySpace lately so they appear to have done a good job of removing it.

  • profile image

    lolo 7 years ago

    i honestly think FACEBOOK SUCKS!!

    i think my space came 1 and facebook is just a copier like seriously?? facebook is lame and a waist of time and its confusing myspace is much easyer 2 work..and no i am not stupid i am just very opinionated on this subject i have never used facebook and never will

  • Steviebeth1227 profile image

    Steviebeth1227 7 years ago from Nashville

    I think that this is a very good and interesting story. I, like many people have both a myspace and facebook account. I started with myspace and then moved to facebook. Now I almost never open the myspace account. I think sometimes simplicity is the best way to go. Myspace feels to convoluted to me and I can never figure out how to do what I want to do there. Anyway sorry for the rant. I really enjoyed your writing.

  • DonnyBoy profile image

    DonnyBoy 7 years ago from Western New York

    Myspace for the games and advertising, Facebook for the friends and fantasizing.

  • profile image

    ipunk 7 years ago

    This is almost the end of myspace. Personally I prefer Facebook over myspace. Myspace is just too spammy.

  • facebookchat profile image

    facebookchat 7 years ago from Shanghai, China

    Facebook won!

  • runningman72 profile image

    Steve Hauser 7 years ago from Atlanta

    Awesome job, I'm in over 20+ social networking sites and love them because I get to make new friends, build relationships, share ideas, learn things, make lots of money, and have fun!

  • WannaB Writer profile image

    Barbara Radisavljevic 7 years ago from Templeton, CA

    Very good job of explaining the differences. I maintain a page on My Space mainly to befriend my nephew and keep and eye out for him. I communicate with my friends on Facebook. I don't really use either for business. I reserve Twitter for that so far.

  • Bailey Misate profile image

    Bailey Misate 7 years ago

    I much prefer Facebook, and I'm thirteen. XD Random I know. Heh. I got really bored with MySpace and forgot about it, whereas I always go on facebook first thing every day. Not sure why. :P

  • profile image

    Matthew Williams 7 years ago

    I always thought facebook felt like a working network instead of a social network I myself prefer myspace it has more pics :) but lately i have lost interest in both as for twitter, it bites! I have also tried: Tagged, bebo, mypepo, and 3 or 4 others they all seem to be the same top me, they all get boring after a while. I have recently started using just myspace and facebook to stay in touch with family but i hardly ever get on facebook, ididn't even know it was more popular than myspace could of fooled me :)

  • jrosemond profile image

    jrosemond 8 years ago from kerrville if you don't mind could you take the poll on my hub, i would really like to know what people think about it

  • lisalomas profile image

    lisalomas 8 years ago from New Zealand

    I find Facebook stronger SEO & networking that the other.

    Great hub. Great concept.

  • profile image

    Ernie Zer0 8 years ago

    I Have Noticed Over Time That People Generally Go From One Networking Website To Another. When I Started Off At College I Started Off On MSN Space, Because Everyone Else Was, Then Everyone Moved To Myspace, Then Bebo, Now It Seems Facebook. I Don't Know If That's Just The People I Network With Or If It's What Everyone Has Been Experiencing.

    I'm Just Wondering Which Networking Website Everyone Is Going Onto Next?

  • profile image

    Jess 8 years ago

    I love MyBook I-mean FaceSpace...Wait?.....

    no seriously, they both have great quality's and I love how your argument is more stating the facts and less opinion


  • esocial profile image

    esocial 8 years ago from California

    Nice overview, thanks!

  • profile image

    Mike 8 years ago

    Forget about facebook and myspace a new player is coming, "mypepo" competition is good.

    Take a look at - It is an Open Source Social site using state of the art blogging platform WordPress. Currently in Beta and far from what they claim it will be but it looks and acts like nothing you've seen before.

    I really see a potential here and a threat to MySpace 'Out of Control' and Facebook 'Biggest seller of your Privacy'.

  • SpeakingBadger profile image

    SpeakingBadger 8 years ago

    I use both of them, but not as much as I probably could use them. Like Amber90 said, I don't use them mostly because they seem to take up a lot of time. But then again, I still think twitter is a waste of my time too. I don't think either one was created for the purpose of making money for it's users or for business puposes. They were created for personal relationships as an answer for creating more social spaces online. The Web 2.0 movement so to speak. As fast movers that has made them two of the more dominant networks though and that is probably why everyone wants to maximise their exposure with them and appear as though they are more of a person anyone can connect with.

    Those that are optimizing them for business do face some limitations though. For instance, Facebook has a 5000 friend limit and if you reply to those people when they request to be your friend, they will shut your account down. I don't know if myspace has that sort of limitation or not, but I don't believe they do because many of the bands or other celebrities often have as many or more than 10,000 friends.

    As you point out, Facebook is way more business oriented or professional looking is probably the case and unlike myspace it doesn't have the 13 year old reputation going on. Although for business, I'd like to think that linkdin is probably even better primarily because it was designed to be for businesses.

    For perhaps the first time though, there is a new app on Facebook that is called a chattotext application and it costs $6, instead of being free... This is going to change the rules, perhaps for both platforms. Because of the viral nature of both sites, a program that is useful and cheap with a way for the every day user to make real money, it will spread like wildfire. Especially during the global economic recession people are experiencing. I have seen people making money in various ways and people posting links to sites they have, but I haven't seen anything quite like this. You can find out more about what I'm talking about here:

    BTW, this was a great writeup.


  • Amber90 profile image

    Amber90 8 years ago

    I really don't like either. Not necessarily from a spam point of view but just the fact that really seems to consume so much time. My dislike for this social portal could come from the many friends I have or hear of that would prefer sending a message that talking on the phone.

    Sorry for that little vent session. Now as for spam what I have seen is friends on facebook sending out message flyers for events extra. Kids with a lot of friends are being contacted by big companies who give them 5$ for each message they send out. a new type of spam I have seen.

    Great write up though. It def. got me stirring. Excellent hub

  • Victor Goodman profile image

    Victor Goodman 8 years ago from Pacific Northwest

    MySpace, FaceBook, Yuwie and more.

    They are just websites.

    What if I told you there's software (actually a small browser plug-in) that enables social network functionally on every website on the internet.

    It's true see for yourself

  • profile image

    zimbra 8 years ago

    I definitely prefer Facebook to MySpace. Less spam, less chance of your page getting hacked, and much more fun to be had!

    Great hub :)

  • Catawn profile image

    Catawn 9 years ago from Portland, OR

    I really do prefer Facebook because of the spam area. And the thing is, personalizing profiles can be taken really overboard, and that just.. blah. I enjoy being able to see after viewing a profile. ;3

    Very informative; great job. ^^;

  • Lissie profile image

    Elisabeth Sowerbutts 9 years ago from New Zealand

    Thanks for answering my request so well! I think Iam going towards facebook as the more "business orientated" one so far! I really don't want to do both - social networking is more time consuming that real networking - and much less alchohol is involved!

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