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New Amazon tablet to be released in 2011

Updated on May 4, 2011

Amazon has plans to release a new tablet similar to the iPad later this year. The producers of the Kindle e-reader are ready to take the plunge into a full-blown tablet. DigiTimes and Quanta Computer have been reported to be contracted to produce a tablet PC for Amazon and already have estimated orders of 700,000 to 800,000. Quanta manufactures the Blackberry PlayBook for Research in Motion and rumored to be producing new tablets for Sony. Another company involved with the new tablet is E Ink who supplies the electronic paper display of the Kindle and is currently working on a color version for the product. There are also reports of Fringe Field Switching technology working on the new Amazon tablet screen glare features. Amazon has put the iPad down for its screen glare in the past and this feature would be something the iPad doesn't have.

Unlike the other tablets similar to the iPad, Amazon has a good of a chance to be closer to the iPad than the others. Amazon will face competition with Barnes & Noble Nook Color who recently advanced a step closer to the iPad offering apps and videos along with an amazing selection of books for adults and children. The upgrade on the Nook Color was free to current owners. Amazon offers their own Android app store offering movies, songs, videos, e-books, instant videos, and more. Skeptics still say no rival will come close to the iPad, however the new Amazon tablet will have the best chance thus far. The Amazon tablet is expected to be released this summer or fall and the price is expected to be no more than $299. This price is expected to blow all other tablets out of the water.


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