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New Nintendo DSi

Updated on March 23, 2011

The New Nintendo DSi

Latest Upgrade from the Nintendo DS
Latest Upgrade from the Nintendo DS

The New Nintendo DSi Review

The Nintendo DS has been around for several years now and has managed to remain relatively popular. While the Nintendo DS was cheap as soon as it was released there have been several improvements upon it's competition. For this reason the Nintendo fans shouted with glee when they heard that they were releasing a new, updated version of their handheld console, the Nintendo DSi.

The Nintendo DSi may not seem much different to a casual glance, but the new Nintendo DSi has improved upon nearly every area of the handheld gaming consoles original design. The Nintendo DSi is faster, thinner and more feature packed than the previous Nintendo DS. With enhanced features such as a larger screen and dual camera's you can find yourself with a very versatile handheld gadget!

To make sure the new Nintendo DSi suits all tastes Nintendo have removed the crashes and lag that plagued the Nintendo DS by increasing the processor speed and quadrupling the available memory.

Nintendo have also released the DSi XL, which features a larger screen, and a few other benefits!

Nintendo DSi Specs

The Nintendo DSi Specifications are impressive to say the least. With huge improvements over the Nintendo DS the Nintendo DSi has specs that nearly match that of the first generation PSP 

CPU : 133MHz ARM Processor

Memory: 16MB

Storage: 256MB Internal Flash Memory (With SD Card Slot Available)

Connectivity: Wireless 802.11

On top of that the Nintendo DSi has two camera's, for image capture of yourself and other, plus a fantastic media player built in!

Downsides of the Nintendo DSi

The new Nintendo DSi is an amazing improvement over the old Nintendo DS.  There is however one downside.

The original Nintendo DS was backwards compatible with Gameboy Advance cartridges, this backwards compatibility has been removed to make the Nintendo DSi a thinner, more rugged compact handheld device.  These stunning features make the Nintendo DSi one of my top gadgets of 2009.


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