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New Electronic Gadgets for the Whole Family

Updated on April 17, 2015

Pulse Charger,powered by the sun,Has 2 USB Ports. and Home Spa Waterproof Television

boogie board,writing tablet with LCD screen,whole family will Love.

Living in the Tech age,What's New for the whole family?

Pulse Charger

Do you rely on your smartphone or tablet every-place you go?The Pulse Charger will help avoid the dreaded dead battery,when there is no outlet in sight.This is dust proof, water resistant, and shock proof.It also can clip onto your backpack,or bag.You can check the charge level easily.Cost is 69.99

This will be a great gadget for camping enthusiasts and park-going moms.great for people on the go, and kids for long car trips.

The Home Spa Waterproof Television

Have you ever missed the end of the morning news,because you had to take a shower before work? Or needed to get ready to go out to dinner and wanted to see the end of the ball game?Now you can watch your favorite shows,in the shower,with the Home Spa Waterproof Television.

Kids will be switching from bath time to showers,with this new tech.

This is the 17" high-definition tetelevision that enables you to watch 720p high-definition content in a shower. The scratch-proof screen is heat-treated to prevent fog and condensation on the glass.The price is 1,400 dollars. How much will the average person pay for this Luxery?

Boogie Board

Say goodbye to paper,and hello to Boogie Board,and 8 1/2 touchscreen that is light at only 4 can use stylist that comes with it Or your finger.

Erases easily,with the touch of one button.Great for notes doodling and more.

Price is cheap at 24.99

Handcandy's lady buds, ear-buds with style.

Gadgets for Women

Handcandy's Ladybuds

If you don't like the boring look of regular ear-buds,and want to style it up a bit,Handcandy's LadyBuds may be just the thing. These headphonesear-buds are disguised as colorful necklaces, to add style to your tunes.price 40 bucks.

Everpurse The purse that charges your phone


With fashion and smartphones being popular with today's women,the gadget is an amazing combo. This dainty purse, allows you to charge your phone, enough for 2 full charges.This comes in a variety of colors but not pink, yet.

You will pay around $190.00

Dry and curl your hair at the same time.

The Air Curler.Dry and Curl your hair at one time. Save time time and money.

It takes time to get ready and women spend a lot of time switching between gadgets to do their hair.The Air Cutler combines your blowdryer and your curling iron,into one fantastic product.

(Just be sure you get a regular blowdryer for the man in your life,he probably doesn't want the curls.)

Cost 14.99 plus shipping and get 2 for the price of one limited time offer

Alive Lure- realistic high tech bug simulated lure.

Gadgets for Men

Alive lure

Intellegent high tech fishing lure,Water activated and battery operated.This Lure has vibrating wings and buzzing sounds, to simulate a real bug,and brings in the fish.Battery lasts up to 17 hours continuously.

Nothing Biting? Try this new fishing tackle and maybe bring in that big catch You have been waiting for.

9.99 for 2 lures

Smart Sensor Basketball Pack,Play Harder, Play Smarter.

Play A smarter game with the Smart Sensor Basketball Pack.

Want to be the next Michael Jordan, you can work your way up with the New Smart sensor basketball pack.Includes a standard size basketball equipped with sensors,that with app and Bluetooth,calculate every shot and dribble.

With an 8 hour battery life this is great for improving your game or new basketball enthusiasts

Costs 350 dollars

The Tantrum Cell Case is Strong Enough to be Run Over by a Truck

Ultimate Case

The Tantrum Cell Case is Strong

This case will be a big hit with the guys who depend on their phones and work in rough situations.

Pressure-Proof Phone Protectors

The Tantrum Cell Case is Strong Enough to be Run Over by a Truck

Made out of an aluminum frame with stainless steel hardware, this phone case is super heavy duty and will not quit when put under pressure. It can withstand several thousand pounds of force, absorbs shock waves and puts up with the biggest tantrums you can throw at it. Speaking of throwing, this case is so protective, you can throw your phone out of a moving vehicle on the highway and have a truck run over it without any damage being caused.

Price $60.00

High Tech Fun for Kids

Kids love high tech fun and some of them come with great learning possibilities.

LeapReader Pen teaches kids to read and write

The ultimate technology in a pen

Price is 69.99

The leapen is a great learning tool.

The pen's got enough space to hold 40 books or 175 songs

Ability to trace letters and write them out on special paper

Cute New Technology in a huggable interactive stuffie

Ebooly plays games,tells stories and interacts with child

This cute little creature comes in small and jumbo size and is a robotic cuddly pal,he is programmed and updated through app,and has a lot of fun features.

This is a step up from the very popular Furby Doll.

Prices' are 39.95 for small and 69.95 for jumbo Size

Nabi 2 kids Tablet

A fun durable kid tablet

This tablet is not only protected for drops and bumps,which will happen with kids.

Also,it is safe to chew on making it a good choice even for the itty bitty ones.

Download apps

Play music

Make a video call.

These are a great learning tool And a good investment,at 199.00 this toy will grow with your child.

2015 a Year of Great Technology.

I hope you enjoyed this high-tech article. I think that the New Technology made Some great new products and a few are going on my wishlist.

High Tech FUN


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    • chuckandus6 profile image

      Nichol marie 2 years ago from The Country-Side

      thank u glad u found it interesting, i think the case is amazing, with how fragile the phones are now. thanks for reading.

    • gaddie profile image

      Alex Gadd 2 years ago from Great Missenden

      Wow, you have certainly done your research for this hub. I found the tantrum mobile protective case to be of great interest

    • chuckandus6 profile image

      Nichol marie 2 years ago from The Country-Side

      yes more than i would like to pay.

    • peachpurple profile image

      peachy 2 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      So many new gadgets, cost a lot?