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New Features of the iMac

Updated on December 17, 2009

In August, Steve Jobs make a "special presentation" to introduce the new line of iMacs to computer enthusiasts all over the world. While the iMacs has mainteined the main design that has made it famous in the last few years, Apple was smart enough to introduce features that will bring a new legion of fans for the Mac platform.

iMac history

While the iMac is an innovative product, it already has a good history of success that has last for several years.

The iMac was launched as the successor of the eMac, a previous model of desktop computer that have been the previous best seller from Apple.

The distinctive feature of the iMac has always been the integration of the system, using a flat screen connected to the main computer in a unique piece. While the basic strategy has remained the same, the design of the system has change dramatically during the years.

The first iMacs

The first iMacs were a dramatic departure from the eMac design. It was just a single piece, with the computer located inside a rounded shape. From there, a tube was used to hold the flat screen in the model.

The first iMacs were received as a revolutionary design, and is still viewed today as an iconic equipment produced by Apple.

Current iMac design

The idea of a flat screen as the main piece of the computer was pushed further, and the design was made more similar to the iPods.

In this, way the new iMacs were introduced, an all-in-one-piece computer. It provided easier installation, a lighter system that could be easily carried around as desired. Only one cable is necessary to make the system work: this is true plug and play for the first time in desktop computers.

The new iMacs

In August of 2007, Steve Jobs introduced an even more advanced version of iMacs. The new model is totally in aluminium, which gives a more professional result, similar to the high end models sold by Apple. The new aluminium case also makes the system even lighter, which is a great advantage for home and office users.

The new display has a glass screen, instead of the commonly used plastic. This provides not only durability, but also a clean and modern look that set the new iMacs apart.

Mac Software

The great advantage of the new iMac, however, is in the software included. Each system comes fully loaded with the iLife package -- which comes with music editing, photo retouching, and video producing software. All for free.

If you buy a Windows machine, you will certainly have to spend hundreds or maybe thousands of additional dollars to have the same amount of good software installed. In general, Windows machines only come with demo software that you will have to uninstall anyway. That is not the case with Apple machines. Here is a list of softwares already installed in each iMac:

iMovie: the ultimate software for movie editing, it has been completely updated this summer. You can create very sophisticated movies in just a few minutes.

iPhoto: retouch your pictures of just organize your picture collection with easy.

iWeb: create a full-featured web page with just a few mouse clicks

Garage band: create music like a pro. You can also use it to create podcasts with easy.


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