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Nimbus Tote iPad Case and Bag in One

Updated on March 15, 2011


Looking for a bag to carry your iPad? The Nimbus Tote iPad Case is one that you may have not considered until now. If your iPad is hidden away from the light of day in a case and or in a bag it is probably not being used as often as it could be. The Nimbus is designed with a clear plastic pouch on the front. An iPad fits inside the pouch and its touchscreen can be used through the marine grade plastic cover. Two zippered compartments behind the pouch are roomy enough to carry other gadgets such as cell phones, digital cameras, MP3 players, charging and data cables as well as ordinary everyday items. Add the strap – place it around your neck and enjoy your iPad while standing much like the Connect-A-Desk.

The clear plastic pouch of the Nimbus is heavy duty and will protect your iPad from scratches, spills, dust, dirt and sand. Each side of the pouch opens and closes via hook and loop or Velcro and slipping the iPad in or out is an easy operation. Once the iPad is placed between the strips of Velcro both sides should be carefully and securely closed. Open small areas of the Velcro to slip through charging cables or wired headsets. For added iPad protection place it one of the zippered pockets during travel.

One Nimbus model has a flap to cover the plastic pouch and the other does not.

The Nimbus Tote iPad Case may be one of the most unique bags you have seen. The two zippered pouches located behind the clear plastic pouch are not created equal. Sitting the Nimbus on a table makes it obvious that the bottom of the bag is angled and allows it to be used in numerous ways. The Nimbus can be propped upright so that the iPad can be seen by one or more people. The iPad can be rotated and so can the Nimbus to form a lap desk. You can watch videos, read your email or play games while sitting in a chair, lounging in a recliner or lying in a bed.

An adjustable strap can be attached to the Nimbus Tote iPad Case which adds more functionality. Carry the Nimbus as you would any other shoulder bag or place the strap around the back of your neck making it possible to place the iPad to the front of your body. Tilt the top of the Nimbus away from your body while placing the bottom against your body. Work or play on your iPad while standing up but be careful if you start walking around.


The Nimbus Tote iPad Case may not fit the needs of everybody but it is a bag the most techies would consider owning. It can be used with or without an iPad. It is lightweight and we all need one of those to carry gadget accessories. A favorite photo or a to-do list can be placed in the clear plastic pouch for easy viewing. Would you use the Nimbus Tote with your iPad?  


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