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Connect-A-Desk makes Laptops Mobile

Updated on October 20, 2010

Laptops are great for portable mobile computing. Most of the time though mobile does not mean that there is not a comfortable and safe place to set your laptop. What if you have to walk around a lot while performing your job? Is the fender of a truck, a stack of lumber or a large boulder your temporary laptop desk.

Is there a Better Way to use a Laptop while Walking Around?

Time is expensive and a lot of it gets wasted while trying to work on a laptop in some of the above mentioned situations. Keeping the laptop in front of you is the optimum situation and it can be accomplished with the Connect-A-Desk Mobile Laptop desk. A light weight straping system holds the laptop in front of you while the weight of the laptop is supported by the straps resting on your shoulders. A small – flexible desk-like surface holds the laptop in position while you move around.

Is the Laptop Safe in the Connect-A-Desk?

The Connect-A-Desk is meant to support your laptop while you move around. Walking around or standing in one place while taking notes, entering data, listening to music, watching a movie or video is by design. However, bending, stooping, twisting and squeezing into tight places is not recommended while carrying your laptop in any situation.

Who would use a Connect-A-Desk?

Inventory control is a possiblity. Walking up and down aisles of goods while counting and recording the results would be a good use of the Connect-A-Desk.

A landscape designer may use a Connect-A-Desk while planning the design for plants and hardscape. The built in webcam on most laptops could easily be used to record information for future use.

Customers request estimates for work done to their property. An estimate has a professional feel when the document is originated on a computer. Using the webcam can give a very detailed picture of what needs to be done and improves the discussion on how to accomplish the project.

Real Estate sales people can also use the built in webcam to record properties that they are trying to sell. Walking through a home and recording things that need to be fixed is helpful to all parties involved in the sale. The final walk through can be compared to the orginal walk through resulting in a comprehensive report of finality.

Bloggers attending an event. Seating is not always available or convenient when covering a fast pace event. Blogging in real time can be accomplished when are where you need to be when you need to be there.

A mom or dad still needs to get work done even when the kids need them to attend a sporting event. You still have the ability to watch the game even if your laptop is in front of you. You may not get as much work done – but you can get some work done.



Laptops are mobile by design. However, they are easier to use while being stationary. The Connec-A-Desk accomlishes the task of allowing you to move around while using your laptop. With a little care and planning your laptop can be a very useful tool whether you are at work or at an event.

The Connect-A-Desk is lightweight and can be tucked into a bag when not in use. The cost is reasonable – under forty dollars.

I assume that there is hardly a person that owns a laptop that could not or would not use a Connect-A-Desk at some point and time.


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