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What Is Noise Pollution?

Updated on May 13, 2010

What Is Noise Pollution?

I started to write this hub, and then I paused to think about noise pollution. What Is Noise Pollution? I would say that Noise Pollution is any loud noise that exceeds 80 decibels. So, you might ask. What are decibels? Decibels is a measurement, that is used to measure noise levels in our society. The higher the noise level, the higher the decibels.

Noise pollution is something, that violates your personal space. Granted, when you hear a roaring airplane, or a car that doesn't have a muffler, or an automobile's loud music blaring toward you, while you are on the road, in your automobile, with your windows down, that's noise pollution. Think about the times, you have walked downtown, and heard a guy using a jackhammer to break up concrete, that's noise pollution too.

Do you often wonder what is that noise doing to your ears. When you are exposed to prolong noise levels, you will suffer hearing loss. I frankly do not understand people, who sit in their cars, with their music blaring out, at well over three times the decibel level of 80 decibels, which is already considered hazardous to a person's ears. Then those people, wonder why their ears are ringing, when he or she exits their cars, DUH!!

There is nothing wrong with a person music being turned up where he or she can hear it. If I can hear it, then that's fine, up until the point where their music becomes noise pollution, or it causes my ear drums to pulsate. You know the person listening to that loud music, will be deaf in a few years as well.

If we really examine our society, the extreme noise levels our ears are encountering each and sometimes, everyday is annoying at best.

When you are traveling on the highways in the city, most cities are erecting walls, to shield the areas off the highway from the extreme traffic noises coming from the highway, which is a great solution for that kind of noise pollution.

We cannot walk around with ear protection on everyday. We are just constantly being bombarded with noise pollution. I was sitting in a public area recently, and this young man, had a cell phone, and didn't have on any headphones, yet this person had his music just blaring off of his cellphone in virtually a quite area. I really had to stare at him, as if, I was sending him a mental message with my eyes which said, "why are you not wearing headphones, and who wants to hear your profanity laden music blaring from your cellphone?" I just shook my head, due to the fact that this person did not have respect for the people around him, or the environment or himself for that matter. This sort of reminds me of the hub I wrote, about cellphone etiquette or ethics.

Noise pollution is produced in so many ways. the best way to handle noise pollution is to:

* You guessed it, Move away from it.

* Have your hearing tested, at least once a year or every two years

* Wear hearing protection, especially if you work in environments that have high noise levels, that wxceed 80 Decibels or higher

* Do not allow your personal space to be violated. Find you a nice private spot, away from noise and people

Last but not least. Learn how to recognize noise pollution and protect your ears from hearing loss.


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