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Tips and advice on why you should buy the Nokia N8

Updated on September 6, 2012
A Nokia N8
A Nokia N8

Review of Nokia N8 – a cheap smart phone

Some time ago, mobile giant Nokia proudly released the Nokia N8, a high-end smart mobile cellphone. The Nokia N8 mobile phone is impressive in many ways. From the N8’s hardware specifications to its software operating system. If you are looking for some tips and advice on buying the Nokia N8 then you are in luck as this post is all about the advantages and benefits of buying the Nokia N8.

Main Advantage of Nokia N8

Why buy the Nokia N8? The biggest advantage Nokia N8 has over any other mobile phone is its 12 mega pixel camera. Yes, you read it right, mobile phone maker Nokia released a 12 mega pixel camera phone. Some might say what’s too good about this when digital cameras have much higher resolution?

For those who have not realized, Nokia N8 is not a digital camera but a mobile smart phone. Comparing the camera features of Nokia N8 with other brands such as iPhones, Sony Ericsson, LG, or any other models, Nokia N8 apparently has the advantage.

Again, some people might say, why buy the N8 when I already have a digital camera. A good answer would be mobility. Buying a Nokia N8 eliminates the need to bring a digital camera. The phone is a good camera itself – suitable for everyday use.

Camera Flash of Nokia N8

Speaking of camera features, another advantage of Nokia N8 is its flash. The camera flash and lens of the Nokia N8 resembles that of a digital camera. It is the closest thing to a camera flash among other phone brands. With this, taking night photos would not be an issue. Actually, the hardware specs of Nokia N8 are superb compared to Sony Ericsson, LG, Samsung – among others, of its class.

Software of Nokia N8 – disadvantage?

As for the software, well…yeah, it is somewhat of an old technology since the Symbian OS is the default mobile operating system of most (older) Nokia phone models. Though the Nokia N8 can run the latest version of Symbian OS, other mobile operating system such as the Android has been recently released and bundled with Nokia’s competitor brands. To some this might be a downer but mind them, Symbian is one of the most stable operating system around. Being in the industry for the longest time certainly taught Symbian how to cope up with the times.

People may argue that the Symbian OS have some bugs and glitches but aren’t all other mobile operating system experience the same problem. It would impossible to find a mobile operating system that did not have any bugs or minor imperfections. This is the reason why software update is recommended by mobile phone manufacturers.

Price Range of Nokia N8

Lastly, the best tip on why to buy or purchase a Nokia N8 is its price. A year ago I wouldn’t buy or even bother looking at this phone with its hefty or high price tag. But now, the price has lowered significantly that it is actually a good value for your money – almost a 10k price drop.

UPDATED as of August 2, 2012

When I wrote this post, I am still in the process of waiting and buying for the Nokia N8. However, as of posting time, I already bought the said unit and have no regrets since purchasing it.

I first bought the Nokia C6 to replace my 5 year old P990i. Unfortunately, for some unknown reason, the screen of the C6 has broken down. Due to this incident, I bought the Nokia N8 because its retail price is unbelievably lower when it first came out. I also own a Samsung Galaxy Y (S5360) because it is such a great bargain at only 2,000 pesos (Philippine Currency)

unkonI actually own a C6 to replace that I bought last December, but if the price of the Nokia N8 continues to drop, will definitely buy it at the holidays.


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