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Now that that iPhone 5 is here are you planning to buy one? Why or why not?

Updated on September 21, 2012

I own an iPhone 3Gs right now and would like to upgrade to an iPhone 5 but not before December because of a number of reasons:

1. I live in India and Apple will release iPhone 5 in India in the first week of October when it will be globally launched.

2. Second, I would like to use my present Apple iPhone for at least a few more months as I purchased it in February 2012. I love this phone. I will not sell it and will keep it with myself instead.

3. By December, a lot of people must have bought this phone as there are long queues in front of Apple stores in countries where it has already been released. More sales mean more reviews on the Internet. So I will get a chance to read reviews about this phone from real buyers before buying it.

One thing that has struck my mind is that why not wait for iPhone 5S which will be released anytime in the year 2013 but that is only a thing as I can’t wait after November to get my hands on this phone.

Jasneet Kaur's iPhone
Jasneet Kaur's iPhone | Source

Above were the reasons that I have. One really important thing I would like to share with Samsung SII and going to be SIII users out there that Apple is the company that discovered and made this beautiful phone. Samsung has copied all the stuff from iPhone and applied it in its phones but still Apple is the king and iPhone rocks. A person who uses an iPhone knows the power and comfort of owning this phone.

I am a happy owner of an iPhone and ditto are four of my close friends, as we all bought iPhones together. We cannot use any other phone after using an iPhone and I seriously tell you that iPhone 5 is going to be a hit. It’s not that I own an iPhone that’s why I am recommending it but the truth is that I also have a Samsung and I know the difference between the two.

Whatever Samsung SII or SIII do, they will remain a kid to Apple iPhones. This is the reason why you see so much fan following for Apple rather than Samsung. Just log on to any news site and you will see iPhone 5 all around. People are so mad about this ultimate smart phone that they have been camping and waiting outside Apple stores one to two days before the launch to buy this phone. iPhone is just like Aamir Khan of bollywood, one movie in four years but superhit.

The most important reason why Apple wins the patent lawsuit again and again is truth, so as asked by someone, I am going to buy iPhone 5 by December. Now tell me when you are going to buy it?


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