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Politics IS as Politics DOES: the "Why?" of Global Finance- BitCoin

Updated on March 4, 2015

Our congress is NOT voting in our best interests. The global policy is warlike. They are voting on fundamental (financial) regulatory changes that allows THEFT... of your retirement. Do not even use the word "securities". It is a complete violation of trust. And the wealthy, are getting wealthier. I am not saying that all Capitalists are corrupt. I AM saying the system needs some new blood injected, and new systems instituted. Immediately.

I am NOT suggesting that "printing more money" and throwing it at retirees is the answer. But that IS, what "answer" will be given in a first-level and knee-jerk response by current leadership. (because they do not deeply, systemically CARE.)

Whether it is a conscious demolition of our American culture and economy. Or the clandestine machinations of global politics and covert "War". If we allow ourselves to be "divided and conquered". We Lose.

"We must all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately"

[Ben Franklin]

"I don't like that man- I must get to know him better" [Lincoln]

it is BEST, if you do not have to "do" the division or conquering

I think it is Sun Tzu (The Art of War) who is most recognized for that style of thinking. The style of using your "enemy's" own characteristics - against - himself (or her-self). If you can get your enemy to defeat itself. LOVELY. That's just perfect. Then your own hands don't get dirty. Or are LESS dirty (by all outward appearances).

But the "truth" may be the ENTIRE "War" is orchestrated from afar.

Then set in motion. "Strings" pulled. Peoples lives in the balance. (Oil Priced)

("Don't worry, we will mould the public opinion.") What? Didn't you know those people are "Helpless Victims"? It is SO difficult now, to know what IS "truth", when information is simply shaped at each turn to serve some purpose. To serve an agenda.

It's the Art... of War. (AND we don't even REALLY know what the "news" is)

It's ALL the "Art of War"- even in public opinions.

The U.S. - Once again sticking it's NOSE, far far beyond it's own borders. In A 'debatable'. Well, ... some things just are NOT "debatable" in this world. And that's usually WHY you do need a good Patriarch to lead them. Sometimes you should just say "No" ... or perhaps "Nyet". To MEN, it is a "game". But the trick is to FIND a man who takes things... to "Heart". And is allowed to lead that way.

I think the last such leader we had paid a very heavy price.

Now, if you happen to have a "leader" who is a Woman... it's POSSIBLE it'd be BETTER then. Maybe from the "political" perspective. Because SHE could do things that only a "Lady" can get away with. Like, slap you in the face, and the action NOT be deemed "violent". It'd even (possibly) be called "self defense". Or just "punctuating" a remark.

Kind of like arming someone elses nation for War. Isn't that a "slap" in the face? And that's the PRECISE behavior ... of a Woman. She slaps you. But "you" are supposed to do nothing. Just take the "beating", and take it PUBLICLY. Yep, Ladies maybe SHOULD be the politicians of the day. They have 'excuses' for behavior that men are not allowed to have.

Because when MEN "fight"? NATIONS MAY BE TURNED TO GLASS. Because we know. It is no joke. Not to be trifled with. "Fighting"... "War". ...bad stuff... Bones and Spirits are broken, and predominantly men will die fighting that war. (Not the ladies)

So, HOW ARE all the urban / rural poor of America doing right now?

Yeah, I think we need to ship weapons outside our borders more. Forget about building infrastructure or supporting small business- that's NOT important. Who CARES about the "micro economies" of the United States interior? When we can ship bombs somewhere?

I think Our economy needs a ... "a shot in the arm". Yeah! A good WAR!.

America is very... ...very...

GOOD at War. But I think it's time now (son) for you to set down "The Art of War", and to leave the Do-Jo behind, and get your butt into the Library of Alexandria and learn something of greater classic value. Something other than War. Go on now! yer failing "social studies".

Makes me think I should write a guide on "How to Build a Better Spartan". It might be a seller.

Washington's apparent goal with Russia is ...

To break ALL it's ties with Europe.

It's to completely break EVERY type of relationship; economic, political, or cultural- between Russia and Europe. Including the tax on the Ruble and the "sanctions".

So what the House and the Senate have done is they have supported, and provided the foundation for such actions. And I think the American People should be very afraid. Because out of the 535 people who voted on this stuff- those congressional "Leaders". There appeared to be only 10 intelligent ones in their midst. The 10 who voted against this stuff. The REST of them? Are bloody fools.

They are setting up a war that nobody can win.

And for WHAT reason? Is it to show "American Superiority"?

You will have little "superiority" over a land awash in radioactive waste, or a financial wasteland, AND with a climate-collapsed (from a nuclear winter). Executive behavior has become ego-driven competitive-absurdities of hubris, stalking the halls of congress.

None of us want this. It serves no good end.

A Telephone convo between Obama and Putin-?

3 Weeks Ago - speculation on War and Oil

Now on the Economic Collapse / Collapse of US-Dollar

Now, on the ECONOMIC Collapse. We "know" something serious is wrong.

What has happened is the CEO of Citi-group is leading.

Citi-group controls the treasury. The Federal Reserve, and regulatory agencies. All recent or most of the recent "Treasury Secretaries" were Citi-group executives. (George Carlin would DEFINITELY label this a "conspiracy")

What have these executives "done"? Well they failed to "get the budget together" and it has failed to pass any authorization. So we now have this absolutely MASSIVE "OMNIBUS" Appropriations-Bill.


Citigroup gets sucked into this "Spending Bill" and along with the repeal of the provision within Dodd Frank, where it [The Dodd Frank Act] says that if our banks are going to play a role like a casino and gamble on derivatives- They can NOT do that in the depository institutions where their depositors have their accounts.

The derivative industry / actions have to be FARMED OUT into subsidiary corporations. [by LAW] So if the SUBSIDIARY gets "in trouble" then the subsidiary has NO ACCESS to a depositors money. And it can then BE ALLOWED TO FAIL (as any bad banking corp is supposed to). But it is NOT supposed to have any direct access to your (direct) investments.

Citigroup REPEALED that part of Dodd-Frank- as part of the appropriations bill.

In other words they are now making it legal to come after all your retirement investments of ANY kind. And YOU are unwittingly signing off on this with an "Okey-Dokey". Your Money. Your RETIREMENT MONEY- is now- subject to redefinition and confiscation. ("See, it says so right here in the small print")

Citi-group made CERTAIN that this particular provision of [Dodd Frank Act] got repealed. This is to continue the recent trend of "freedom" to invest in derivatives, and utilize investors (personal) resources to insure risky ventures.

The ONLY REASON that industry would do such a thing ... is if they EXPECT to see a "lot of trouble" with their derivatives-based industry.

And the primary motivation could EASILY BE the "oil-based derivatives" now...

It is MY Personal belief, that "They" (the proverbial 'they') are doing this, to mitigate the "problems" they created long ago within the financial industry, and they are just playing a delaying action (again) and "spreading out" the nature of the problem over as many people as possible.

As I like to (tongue in cheek) point out...

YOU HAVE AGREED TO THIS... "see, you signed Right There!" - as time passes, folks- they are just making it increasingly LEGAL, to flat out steal from you. Right in front of your eyes. And it is buried in political rhetoric, well-phrased platitudes or "programs" with pleasant sounding names- and legal mumbo jumbo. And whatever it all is. You do NOT "want it". You don't. It's NOT serving the purpose of "public service". It IS serving to merely keep the machinery of politics and big-business or "high-fianance" operating.

And that is ALL that it is "doing".

I don't NEED to hear any more- it is a self-serving cesspool that has long ago ceased functioning properly. Long long ago. I have little faith that what we "need" to be done, shall be "done".

Obama Ending Saudi Alliance and Killing Petro Dollar

If you take this "behavior" to a frightening "ultimate" conclusion...

Such actions with the derivatives industries

(now with the implications of an "oil derivatives explosion" -Taking Out the American dollar)

You would be talking about the demise of our culture and our financial system ENTIRELY and the instantiation of Martial Law here on American Streets to control pandemonium (IF we allow things to go in that direction.)

IF.... someone takes a PIN. And pops the balloon. And it COULD be "that" fragile.

I can guarantee you that EVEN RUSSIA does not wish to cause this. Because if that "crisis" happens, there is NO TELLING what the "fallout" behaviors will be taken in toto- over the entire globe. Let alone on our own American Streets. IF... all of this "blows up now"... taking the Dollar with it. And it COULD happen. That, is the reality we face. DAILY.

Our lives, as we live it. Right this very second, is illusory. And fragile.

" Solely to benefit WALL-STREET " (in Congress!)

Elizabeth Warren is the only person I know of in Congress

That opposed this repeal.

She went to the Senate floor. She exposed it. She gave a BITING denunciation. But it's not likely that SHE (alone) can block it. A single Senator is no match, for the entire "pack".

And BOTH Democrats and Republicans are guilty.

Why? Because THIS is how they get their campaign contributions. By championing the causes of the people who pay their way, and make it POSSIBLE for them to even be in politics. It's just ... simple... math... folks. It really is.

The "system" does not serve the people any more. It is completely subverted to causes that have little to do with "Main Street" USA. Truth.

This is both unbelievably arrogant of such an organization, and it DOES also show the "power" that they wield. Citi-group is very very POWERFUL. Or, said another way. Citi-group runs things.

You would THINK that such a thing would SCARE the people of Congress. That they would be motivated to "do something" about it. To stop these banks. But instead the banks have actually gotten away with it...

First of all, something like this does NOT belong in an Appropriations Bill. And it effectively just overturns the Dodd-Frank-Act. And the ONLY protection that depositors had gotten out of "Bank Reform" was just as quicly TAKEN AWAY by the banks.

It'd be HILARIOUS ... if it was not FRIGHTENING...

We SPANK bad boys for this behavior and make them STAND IN A CORNER!

But once again, banks have created and reinforced their position where they can "gamble" all they want. And they CONTINUE to be covered by FDIC.

The "bail-in" provisions give them access to depositors money. This is sick. And it actually shows that the United States government (at this moment) may be the MOST "corrupt" government, by virtue of the potential for GOOD... yet the contrasting "freedom" and "latitude" to enact itself against people... callously. thoughtlessly. and destructively.

The lack of empathy is appalling, destructive. And disguised as professionalism.

Listen to THIS -1964- compare with current conditions

How would you FEEL if you found out that decisions like the reversal on Dodd-Frank are just the actions of an entity that wants to SHOW that it is powerful enough to maybe even defy a president? I actually do NOT blame our president for "everything". But, I do wonder how often he is a passive recipient of forces "beyond his control" ... vs the "decision maker" that is not keeping it "home based" and simpler for us all?

But I DO and CAN see where, with the more recent evolution of politics in America. It IS possible that the "Ego's" waking the halls of Washington, COULD be out to show WHO Pushes WHOM around.

And yes, that's a little frightening to consider.


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